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Adobe Premiere integrating 3D models

Learn how to integrate 3D models directly into Adobe Premiere using the built in integration between After Effects and Cinema 4D.

Cinema 4D - Premiere.pngThe Adobe Creative Cloud membership now includes Cinema 4D LT.  Cinema 4D LT is a special software edition that is only available within the Adobe Creative CC subscription.


It's easy to integrate 3D objects into Adobe Premiere, when you are a creative cloud member.

The creative cloud membership now includes the Cinema 4D Lite software, which will allow you to import 3D models.

So check this out, I've got a sequence here where I've integrated two 3D models into Adobe Premiere.

Before beginning this exercise, you will need to either design or download a 3D model to import.

The good news is, there are thousands of free 3D models available in Google's 3D warehouse.

Cinema 4D supports a 3D file format called Collada.

So when searching for compatible 3D models, click on the Advanced Search link within the 3D warehouse.

Within the item type category, choose Find items that match Collada.

Then navigate to the Final Results category and type in a search term for the model you're looking for.

In this example, I will search for a police car.

Find a model that you like and click on it.

You can switch to 3D view to make sure it's the model you want.

Then, in the lower right corner, click on the download model button.

Choose the Collada file to download it.

Okay, now that you've downloaded the 3D model, go back to Adobe Premiere.

Within Adobe Premiere right click within a bin window and choose New Item - Adjustment Layer.

A dialogue box will appear using the video settings from your active sequence.

Then press the return key.

This will place an adjustment layer inside the bin window.

Drag the adjustment layer into your sequence for where you would like your 3D object to appear.

Then, navigate to your sequence and right click on the adjustment layer.

Choose Replace With After Effects Composition.

This will launch Adobe After Effects.

Give the After Effects project a name.

Right click within the Composition Window Tab and choose Maxon Cinema 4D File.

This will launch the Cinema 4D Lite software program.

Give the Cinema 4D project a name and then press the return key.

Navigate to the file menu and choose merge.

Find the Collada file that you've downloaded, then click on the models folder.

Choose the .dae file.

An import dialogue box will appear.

In this box, you may want to click on the Fix Transparency for incompatible files if you are attempting to import an older Collada model.

Then press the return key.

Now, within Cinema 4D go ahead and reposition or animate your model.

Navigate to the file menu and choose save.

Now navigate back to After Effects, and you will be able to see the 3D model.

Navigate to the composition and click on the Cinema 4D layer.

Then navigate to the upper left corner of the interface and click on the Effects Control Tab.

Under the render settings category, change the render to Standard (Final)

Then go ahead and save the composition.

Now move back to Adobe Premiere.

And just like that you've got your 3D model imported into Adobe Premiere.

What's fantastic, is you still have the ability within Adobe Premiere to animated and-or position of your 3D model without affecting the settings within Cinema 4D.

Okay, now you have the basics of importing a 3D model into Adobe Premiere using the Creative Cloud software products

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