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Final Cut Pro X Searching for Clips

Learn how to search clip metadata within Final Cut Pro X.


Let's take a quick look into Final Cut Pro X's ability to search for clips.

In the Event Library, choose the event you'd like to search.

Then move to the upper right corner of the event browser, and click on this magnifying glass.

A filter window will appear allowing you to search for clips within that specific event.

By default, Final Cut Pro will search for text, which means it will search for specific words within the names of clips.

So, for example, If I search for the word tiger, only clips within the event that contain the word tiger will be displayed.

If you choose, you can perform a search for items to do not include a specific word.  

So, I'll get a list of every clip that does not contain the word tiger.

These last two menu items 'is' and 'is not' simply means the entire clip name must match.

So, for example, if I switch the criteria to 'is'.  Nothing is displayed.  

That's because I would have to specify the exact name in order for the clip to be shown.  

Meaning, I would have to change my search to tiger_1 in order for the clip to show up in the search results.

Please note, you can also search for other criteria such as ratings, keywords, or people.  

This is done by clicking on the Add Rule pop-up menu.

These types of searches become useful if you have events that contain a large number of clips where you need to be very specific in terms of what you’re searching for.

In this example, let's say I'm searching for any clip that has been rated as a favorite, and contains the tiger.

So, there you go as you can see, I get only two clips with the word tiger that also have a favorite rating.

Okay, before I move on, please note:  In order to display the full list of clips within the event after a search, you will need to click on this X within the search box.

Of course doing this also clears your search criteria.  

Which brings me to my last point.

After doing a search, you may want to click on the New Smart Collection button.

A Smart Collection is basically a sub-folder of specific clips to make it easy to find those clips again without having to do another search.

After a Smart Collection is created, you may want to give your smart collection a name for easy reference when you are looking for content within the event Library.

Okay fantastic, you should have the basic concepts of be able to search for content within an event.

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