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Managing Bins in Avid Media Composer

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This lesson is the third of 76 lessons for learning Avid Media Composer that GeniusDV is releasing.  This lesson focuses on the basics of creating and managing bins.

This online training is the culmination of over 1000 hours of work, along with 17 years of Avid training experience. Some of the lessons you may have seen on YouTube, and those have been included as ‘bonus’ free lessons for the general public.

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If you are new to Avid Media Composer and you are starting from scratch, I recommend the following workflow.

When you open a new project, you will automatically end up with one bin inside your project window.

A bin is simply a container, and it’s where you will store all your references to content.

This transparent bin icon indicates that your first bin is already open.

Make it a habit of immediately renaming your first bin to something called ‘sequences’.

This bin will be critical, because it’s where you will store all your hard work.

Now, I’m jumping ahead a bit, but the work that you do, will be stored in the form of a sequence, and you guessed it, your sequence should be placed in your sequences bin.

I also recommend that you create a few extra bins for your content that you will  use to put together your sequence.

So for starters let’s create an audio bin, and a video bin.

Other examples of bins you may want to create would be a bin for your graphics, titles, and special effects.

Make this initial workflow a habit to help stay organized.

I’m jumping ahead again, because these bins will eventually contain your organized content.

Don’t worry, we’ll talk about importing and ingesting your content in a later lesson.

So, a quick side note:

If you have a large project with many bins, the bins can be placed inside folders.

An easy way to create a folder is to right click in the grey area of the project window and choose new folder from the contextual menu.

Then you can move your bins in or out of a particular folder.

Okay, after you’ve created your bins, you can close the bins that you do not need immediate access to by clicking on the X in the upper left corner of a bin window.

A bin that has been closed is indicated by a dark solid bin icon.

One last note: The bin that contains your sequence will always need to be open.  

Remember, this sequence represents your edited work.

If you close a bin that contains your sequence, your sequence will close.

You will then need to re-open the bin and double click on the sequence icon to get your sequence back.

Okay, now you have the basics of creating bin windows.

And don’t forget, GeniusDV also offers classroom and flat rate onsite Avid Media Composer training.


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