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Avid Media Composer Slide Clip

This lesson focuses on how to use the slide function within Avid Media Composer. Sliding a clip by using trim mode allows you to slide a clip segment without leaving a gap.

Avid Media Composer has a trimming function called slide.

Okay, here a sequence of clips from the earlier exercise.

Sliding a clip is somewhat similar to moving a clip with the red segment lift / overwrite tool.

The only difference is that sliding a clip will not leave filler on the opposite direction that the clip segment has moved.

Also notice, when moving clip segments with the lift / overwrite tool, any attached transitions do not move with the clip segment.

Okay, let me perform an undo, and show you what happens if we use slide mode instead.

An easy way to enter into slide mode is to hold down the alt + shift keys, and then draw a reverse lasso around the clip segment.

Notice you now have pink handles on the outside edge of the clip segment.

Also, the composer window will show you the first and last frame of each edit point.

Now remember, it's important that your trim cursor is located on the outside edge of the clip segment.

If your clip segment does not look like this, and the trim handle(s) turn  yellow, you will be in ripple trim mode.

Then you will need to re-lasso your clip segment to enter back into slide mode.

So now, to slide the clip segment, drag the pink handle of the clip to the left or right within the sequence.

When you let go of the mouse button, the slide function is complete.

Notice how sliding a clip doesn?t leave filler, and it also carries any video transitions with it.

To exit trim slide mode, click anyway on this timecode bar.

Okay so lets check out how things play out

You can also enter into slide mode by entering into dual trim mode first, and then hold down the shift key and click on the opposite outside edge of the clip segment.

Okay, a quick side note that is related to sliding clips and other modes of trim.

You can use the numbered keypad on your keyboard to enter a distance that you would like to slide a clip.

So for example, if I enter in a value of +10, that would slide my clip segment to the right by 10 frames.

And if I enter in a negative value, so let?s say -20, it will slide my clip to the left by 20 frames.

Lets check things out.

Okay, now you have the basics of sliding a clip segment.

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