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Avid Media Composer Capture from Tape

This lesson focuses capturing media from video tape within Avid Media Composer.


To capture from a tape based format, navigate to the tools menu and choose capture tool.

Now, with that being said, you can also navigate to a preset workspace by navigating to the windows menu and choosing capture.

This is something I recommend since it will give you a larger viewing area to preview the content you are going to capture.

Inside the capture tool window you will see choices for capturing video and or audio.

In the middle of the capture tool, this is where you specify a drive for your captured media.

And Notice, the Avid software gives you an estimate of how much record time is available on the drive you’ve chosen.

The next step is to give a name for the media you are going to capture.

Then make sure you choose a bin for where the Avid will store your clip that will point to your media.

At the bottom of the capture tool you will see playback controls for controlling your tape machine.

If your tape machine is remotely controllable, you can mark areas of the tape that you would like to capture by marking in and out points.

Note, depending on your tape machine and how it’s configured, some video playback devices may not be controllable.

If this is the case, you’ll need to disable the deck controls by clicking on this tape machine icon.

Okay, so regardless, press this red record button in the upper left corner of the capture tool when you are ready to capture some media.

When you’re finished, you will a clip icon inside a bin window that now references that media you’ve captured.

So if I go back to the source / record workspace, you can see that this clip references media that has been captured.

Okay, now you have the basics of using the Capture Tool.

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