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Final Cut Pro X clip ratings

This Final Cut Pro X lesson will teach you how to assign 'ratings' to clips within Final Cut Pro X. This is a critical technique when it comes to assigning meta-data to your media.


Okay,  lets talk about clip ratings and how Final Cut Pro X deals with them.
A clip or a clip portion can be rated either as a favorite or as rejected.

In Final Cut Pro Ten, you will find that tagging clips as favorites will play a critical part when editing.

So for example, lets say that I really like this particular clip and I want to tag it as a favorite, 

To tag a clip as a favorite highlight a clip in the Event Browser and click on this green star.

Or you can press the F Key on your keyboard. 

When you tag a clip as a favorite, it will receive a green line across the top portion of the thumbnail within the event browser.

To untag a clip press this hollow star.

Or use the keyboard shortcut U

I urge you to memorize the shortcuts for marking and unmarking a clip as a favorite

Now, you can also tag just a portion or a specific range of a clip.

So, for example, I’ll click on this clip here and take a quick look at the clip.

Then I’ll drive my mouse through the area where he jumps down this short flight of steps. 

Then I’ll use the keyboard shortcut F to tag the section as a favorite.

This makes it easy to find exact areas again when you revisit the clip contents.

Now, you can even have multiple favorite areas within a single clip. 

Just select another area of the clip, and press the F Key again.

You can see that these green lines represent areas of the clip that have been marked as a favorite.

Notice that there are two different areas within the same clip.

If you click on a green line within the clip thumbnail, that area will automatically be selected.

When compared to other popular video editing systems, you can think of this as two different sets of in and out points.

Favorites are also tagged with green stars when you are in list view.

OK,  when organizing your footage you may come across entire clips or clip sections that you do not need for your project.

I’m going to select this clip here, and for example, I don’t want this area where he wipes out.

You can reject this clip area by pressing this red X.

A rejected area of a clip is indicated by this red line at the top of a clip thumbnail.

In list view a rejected clip will have a red X indicating at least part of the clip has been rejected.

Okay, now that you know how to add favorites and reject areas of clips, pay attention to this filter pop-up menu.

This is where you tell Final Cut Pro X what to display in the event browser based on clip ratings.

I think you will find the two common choices will be either to hide rejected clips or to show clip favorites.

So for example, if I choose hide rejected this rejected area from the clip will be hidden from the event browser.

But wait a second, the clip is still here.

So check it out, if I go back to my clip, only the rejected area is hidden and the rest of the clip is still here.

Don’t worry, you can always go back to the filter menu and choose All Clips to re-display the rejected areas.

Now that’s pretty awesome.

Okay, lets go back to this lakehighline clip.

Remember, I selected two different areas of the same clip, and I marked them as a favorite.

So, if I go back to the filter menu and tell Final Cut to show Favorites, I’ll end up with two clips representing these ranges.

So here I go. 

I’ll select the favorites.

So now, I’ve got two different clips that represent only the action I need for my project.

Okay, that’s the basic concept of rating clips.

Remember, at any time you can always go back to the filters menu, and choose all clips if you need to see the actual ratings for all of your clips.

All right, so now you should have the basics in regard to tagging clips as favorite areas or rejected areas.  

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