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Free Final Cut Pro 7.0 Tutorials

In an effort to celebrate the now 'retired' Final Cut Studio software, GeniusDV is giving away all of our Final Cut Pro 7.0 tutorials!  

GeniusDV is offering one last Final Cut Studio class that starts Jan 23rd - Jan 26th in Orlando, FL.  Seating is limited to the first 5 individuals.  That being said, because of the continued popularity of Final Cut Pro 7.0 we will still continue to offer 'onsite' and customized Final Cut Pro 7.0 training. 

If you decide to make the jump to Final Cut Pro X, be sure to check out our updated training class schedule!

Enjoy the following tutorials!

Final Cut Pro Tutorials for effects
Camera Flash effect with freeze frame Part 1
Photo Flash Frame Effect Part 2
Camera Flash Freeze effect using Apple Motion Part 3
Pleasantville tutorial
Wind Blur tutorial
Blur Face in Final Cut Pro
Transport Beam tutorial
Light Zoom filter tutorial
Ken Burns effect
Creating a Moving Filmstrip
Creating customized wipes in Final Cut Pro
Creating a running timer or counter in Final Cut Pro
Luma Key Effect
Speed Ramp Effect with curves in Final Cut Pro
Play a clip backwards in Final Cut Pro
Alpha Wipe Transition Effect
Rotated Motion Path in Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro Tutorials for editing
Using the Add-Edit tool versus the Blade tool in Final Cut Pro
Re-formatting 4:3 Media for a 16:9 Hi Def Sequence in Final Cut Pro
Importing AVCHD - H264 Media into Final Cut Pro
Multi-camera Editing tutorial for Final Cut Pro
Learn to use modifier keys with Final Cut Pro
Exporting (WMV) Windows Media Files from Final Cut Pro
Trimming Clips in Final Cut Pro
Importing Image Sequences or using Stop Motion in Final Cut Pro
Using Media Manager in Final Cut Pro
Reformatting 4x3 Media for Hi def in Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro / Boris 3D Tutorials
Creating 3D text using Boris Title 3D
Title Crawl effect with glow

Title 3D type on effect
Title 3D effect using the tracking parameter
Creating Glass text effect with Boris Title 3D

Apple Motion Tutorials

Cloning or Repairing an image using Apple Motion

Creating 3D extruded text in Apple Motion
Tracking a Mask in Apple Motion for Color Correction
Using Masks to re-fill a tequila bottle in Apple Motion
Creating a glowing title in Apple Motion
Human Torch effect in Apple Motion
3D reflection in water with Apple Motion
Creating Text on a Path with Apple Motion
Fogwriter effect with Apple Motion
Image stabilization with Apple Motion
Using Apple Motion Audio Behaviors
Using lights with Ken Burns effect
Creating Particles on a Path
Light Streak effect using Apple Motion
Wrapping text around an object in Apple Motion
Flying Stars using Character Map with Motion
Animated Masks and Tracking with Apple Motion (jump through fire)
Four Point tracking in Apple Motion (replacing television image)
Hold Out Matte using Final Cut Pro and Motion (glowing football player)
Exploding Text effect
3D lighting in Apple Motion
Sequencing Text effect in Apple Motion

Apple Color Tutorials
Creating the Pleasantville effect in Apple Color
Introduction to Color Interface
Using Tracking Data in Apple Color for Color Correction
Configuring Preferences in Apple Color
Using Secondary Color Correction to fix a bad shot in Apple Color

SoundTrack Pro Tutorials

Removing audio noise with FCP and SoundTrack Pro
Removing audio pops using SoundTrack Pro and Final Cut Pro
Time shift effect using SoundTrack Pro and Final Cut Pro

Compressor / DVD Studio Pro Tutorials

FCP to DVD Studio Pro workflow tutorial
Creating Droplets with Apple Compressor

Photoshop for Final Cut Pro Video Tutorials
Creating a glass bug with Photoshop
Using photoshop filters on video clip

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