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Camera Flash Effect in Final Cut Pro 7

Since Apple is still selling Final Cut Studio 3.0, GeniusDV has decided to re-cycle and update some of our more popular tutorials.  If you're curious, that's over 4 hours of some of the best Final Cut Studio tutorial's out there.  And they are FREE!  So enjoy.

Here's a short tutorial on how to create a camera flash effect using Final Cut Pro. This tutorial also demonstrates how to use the 'built-in' sound effects provided by SoundTrack Pro.

Special thanks to Mattias for providing this free Camera flash plugin for Final Cut Pro.

Continue reading for a full text-based tutorial, that doesn't use the plugin.

Ever wanted to make like a paparazzi, and create that camera flash effect in your Final Cut Pro project?  It's pretty easy to do, and there are several ways of doing it.  One of which is by using the Dip to Color transition.  You can find the Dip to Color transition under the Effects Tab in your Browser.


Once you have dragged the transition and dropped it between your two clips, in order to create that white flash with this transition, you will have to open it up in the Transition editor (by double clicking on it).  There, you will have to change the defaulted color from black to white, by going to the Color Field and click on the black square icon and choose white from the color menu and click OK.


You might even want to play with the duration of the transition a little bit and reduce it from 1 second to even just 8 or 10 frames to create that "flash".

Another cool transition you can use is the Flashframe from the free Too Much Too Soon pack of filters.  This one gives a much better flash than the dip to color transition, but it all depends on what type of effect you're trying to create.


Again, play with the duration in the Transition Editor to make it "flash" a little quicker.  Now add a cool camera flash sound effect from Soundtrack Pro to make it all come together.


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