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Creating Final Cut Pro X filters with Motion

Check out this short tutorial on how to create customized Final Cut Pro X filters using Apple Motion's 5.0 software.
* If you are following along with this Final Cut Pro X tutorial, here are a few challenges that you may encounter that are not explained in this tutorial.

  • The start frame of the additional drop zone is determine by the skimmer position within the effect source clip that's in your project.
  • The effect source duration will determine the duration of the extra drop zone. 
  • The clip you choose for the additional drop zones will automatically increase or decrease in speed to match the duration of the effect source.  You therefore, will need to manually speed up or slow down your clip appropriately so the speeds match.
It’s  easy to create customized filters for Final Cut Pro X using Apple Motion.

Check this out.  

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Start by launching Apple Motion 5.0.

Click on the Final Cut Effect box, and press open.

Within Apple Motion, you will now see an effect source layer in the Canvas window.

Click on the view pull down menu in the upper right corner of the Canvas window.

Choose Safe Zones.

Use the safe zone area to help guide you when resizing the effect source area.

To add additional content for your effect, navigate to the object menu and choose new drop zone.

Again, resize the drop zone to your liking.

To make this effect a bit more interesting, navigate to the library tab to bring forward the library window.

Click on the particle emitter’s category.

Find the aurora particle.

Drag the aurora particle into the layers window.

Move back over to the canvas window and adjust the aurora particle so it travels between your two drop zone areas.

Finally, navigate to the file menu and choose save.

Give your new template a name.

Okay, now when you launch Final Cut Pro, you’ll notice that you will have a customized effect inside the effects Browser.

Drag the customized effect onto a clip within your Final Cut Pro project.

Now, you’ll notice the same content populates both drop zone areas.

This is because Final Cut Pro will always use the source media for the clip for all available drop zones.

To change the content within the additional drop zone, click on the clip within the project window.
Click on the drop zone area within the inspector window.

Then choose a clip and start frame from the event library.  

Then press the apply button.

Okay that’s it!

Back up and watch the result.

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