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Review of Final Cut Pro X

Congratulations to Apple for creating an application that will bring professional level editing to the masses. When you think of Apple you typically think of iSomething, or of computers that are easy to use. The new version of Final Cut Pro is certainly easy to use, and it's an incredible bargain for what you are getting. 

I should have kept track of how many times I said "you've got to be kidding" as I got to know Final Cut Pro X. Most of the time it was for really cool new features, but there were a few that were directed towards certain shortcomings.

The color correction in FCPX is unbelievable, the overall speed that things happen is amazing, and ingesting media is easier than ever. H.264 goes right into your project with no issues, you can plug your iPhone into your Mac, and FCPX will recognize it. The fact that iPhone footage is always over saturated, is probably why the color correction is so awesome.

The iBuyer is the market Apple is going after, and I can totally respect that. I would rather sell one million copies of a $300 application, than one hundred thousand copies of a $1000 application too. 

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Apple is getting blasted for Final Cut Pro X (my favorite was the Facebook post I saw that compared Final Cut Pro X to a fart in an elevator. . . it stinks, and you're stuck with it), and quite frankly I can sympathize with what they are talking about.

The fact that you cannot open a Final Cut Pro 7 project Final Cut Pro X was a pretty big let down. All in all there were a number of things that didn't make sense. Then it just hit me, There is no way that Apple is going to leave everyone hanging. That was confirmed today when Apple announced there would be updates to add more professional features.

I remember one year my parents held back the Christmas present that my brothers and I each wanted most, and gave them to us at like 8:00pm Christmas evening. The feeling of getting what I wanted most, was overwhelming. It's going to feel like that when the updates come. I edited a complete piece with Final Cut Pro X this afternoon. Yes, it's a little like writing with your left hand right now, but I'm getting the hang of it, and I am already falling in love.  

In 2008, while I was at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, I had the opportunity to meet Randy Ubillos, the architect of Final Cut Pro. It was like going to Walt Disney World, and meeting Walt Disney. I was told he was currently the lead developer of iMovie.

Since that day I have been predicting to hundreds of people that they can expect iMovie Pro in the future. It looks like I was pretty close to accurate. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when the discussion was had on what to name the new software.

The Wikipedia Final Cut Pro page describes the evolution of Final Cut Pro as being designed for hobbyists and Independent movie makers, and developed into the professional market. iMovie was introduced around the same time, and has continued to be a product designed for the video hobbyist. Call it whatever you want, but it is a fantastic application, and I can't wait to finish this blog, and start another project, or is it an event, I'm still getting my head wrapped around all this.

GeniusDV is looking forward to providing Final Cut Pro X training and support, and will have those services available in the very near future. One more thing to keep in mind. Since the announcement of Final Cut Pro X I have heard a number of times that it was designed to run on the Lion operating system, so let's assume that between now and the time Lion comes out, everything is going to get worked out. In the mean time just get the courtship going.

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