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Apple announces iCloud

icloud2.pngToday at the WWDC in San Francisco, Apple announced the new and upcoming iCloud.  The digital hub is being moved to "the cloud".  Most people think of the cloud as a hard disk in the sky; but iCloud is much more than that.  Not only does iCloud serve as your storage, but it wirelessly pushes to all of your devices now, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and to your Mac.  Store your music, photos, books, apps, calendars, documents, and device settings, and automatically back up all of your devices wirelessly; no more plugging in, no more syncing, iCloud does it all for you!

iCloud makes working with documents easier now too.  Now you can edit a document on any of your devices through the iWork applications and iCloud automatically updates the document changes.  So if I'm at lunch reviewing a document with a client on my iPad and we need to make a change, it will automatically change the document back on my computer at work.  How awesome is that!

The App Store will also go to the cloud universe.  So now all of your devices can have the same apps.  Being able to see your purchase history on the App Store, iCloud automatically pushes all of your apps to all of your devices.  No need to download again, no extra charges!  Same thing with iTunes; with iCloud, the music you purchase in iTunes, automatically appears on all of your devices.  Again, no syncing!  I'm so excited!

Let's talk about photos; with Photo Stream, you can take a picture on your iPhone, and in seconds, look at it on your iPad; or look at it on your computer; you can also load pictures on your computer from your digital camera, and guess what?  There they are on your iPhone and iPad.  Did I mention iCloud works with AppleTV?  Well of course it does!

The one and only small downfall to iCloud that I can see is the fact that there will be no more Mobile Me.  Oh, you mean I get to save $99 a year now?  Ok, if I have to.  You'll still have your contacts, calendars, and mail.  Think of iCloud as the new and improved Mobile Me, but 10X better; oh yeah, and it's FREE.  iCloud will be available with the new iOS5 update this fall.  If you ask me, it can't be soon enough!  


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