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With the uproar from the professional community. Final Cut Pro X is getting a bad wrap right out of the gate. At GeniusDV we think the new software is incredible, and are looking forward to helping users get up to speed on how to use it most efficiently. Many of the biggest issues are addressed in an article from  New York Times technology columnist, David Pouge. Multiclip editing in Final Cut Pro X, sharing FCPX projects, & Final Cut X media management are all covered.

Motion 5, the brand-new version that ships alongside Final Cut Pro X, should feel familiar to people who have used previous versions of the motion graphics software.  Despite its spiffy new skin, the interface is still organized around the same basic elements.  At first blush, Motion 5 seems to introduce three main new ideas.  In ascending order of importance:

  • A vastly improved chroma keyer, which, all at once, makes a basic key easier and exposes much, much more control for trickier shots.
  • New project types.  Previous versions of Motion could create useful Master Templates–basically Motion projects that could be used directly from Final Cut Pro.  Motion 5 takes this to huge new levels: you can now use Motion to create Final Cut transitions, effects, and generators.
  • A new primitive type: Rigs.  Rigs expand on some of the same principles behind Parameter behaviors–in essence, they flow from the idea that dynamic systems tend to be built up from sets of attributes that change in similar and predictable ways over time.  Rigs allow you to create controls like sliders, checkboxes, and drop-down lists; then connect those controls to as many Inspector parameters as you'd like.
In this tutorial, we'll construct a Rig to control what we'll call the "Excitement" of a firey particle system.  A more "excited" particle system might involve all sorts of parameters which we'd change at the same time.  For example, when the "excitement" cranks up, we might want the particle system to create more particles, and also make each particle brighter, longer-lived, and faster-moving.

Using a Rig, one slider can do all of these things at once, even from within Final Cut Pro X.
Congratulations to Apple for creating an application that will bring professional level editing to the masses. When you think of Apple you typically think of iSomething, or of computers that are easy to use. The new version of Final Cut Pro is certainly easy to use, and it's an incredible bargain for what you are getting. 

I should have kept track of how many times I said "you've got to be kidding" as I got to know Final Cut Pro X. Most of the time it was for really cool new features, but there were a few that were directed towards certain shortcomings.

The color correction in FCPX is unbelievable, the overall speed that things happen is amazing, and ingesting media is easier than ever. H.264 goes right into your project with no issues, you can plug your iPhone into your Mac, and FCPX will recognize it. The fact that iPhone footage is always over saturated, is probably why the color correction is so awesome.

The iBuyer is the market Apple is going after, and I can totally respect that. I would rather sell one million copies of a $300 application, than one hundred thousand copies of a $1000 application too. 

Continue reading for more on Final Cut Pro X...

icons.pngIt's finally here!  Final Cut X is now available on the App Store.  Along with Motion for $49.99, and a new version of Compressor for $49.99, Final Cut X is available today for just a cool $299.99  Here at GeniusDV, we will be sequestering ourselves over the next few days to discover all the new bells and whistles in order to provide the same caliber of training on Final Cut X as we have trained the other versions of Final Cut for the past 10 years.  Stay tuned!

Final Cut  X screenshot.pngHere's the good news! Even though this is a completely new interface, many of the same shortcuts are still the same. 

For example: 
  • Shift Z still fits things within the highlighted window. 
  • Command + and - still zooms in/out of the timeline and Canvas.
  • The Up and Down arrow still snap to clips
  • J K and L still allows you to play forward and backword in the timeline.
Also, if you already have Final Cut Studio or Final Cut Pro 7.0 installed, the system will automatically move your old applications into a folder called Final Cut Studio.

Final Cut Studio Applications folder

Also, Apple has also released a new version of Compressor, along with Motion 5.  It's only $50.00.  That's hard to believe.  Here's a screenshot of Motion 5 in action.  Motion 5 is now a part of our Final Cut Pro training class.


Here's a great tutorial on how to create realistic 3D drop shadows using Photoshop CS5.
If you are a big fan of our Final Cut Studio tutorials, this is one you definitely do not want to miss.  

Check out this short tutorial on how to create multiple video walls with a camera that travels through 3D space through each wall!

Hang tight.... it will get even better on an upcoming tutorial that will demonstrate how to create this effect within a couple of seconds.  Hint:  It involves saving a template that can be accessed directly from Final Cut Pro without having to launch Motion!
Learn how to place video content inside each individual letter using a combination of Avid Marquee and Avid Media Composer.
With the recent announcement that Final Cut Pro X will be shipping in June, we were curious about the other Final Cut Studio applications.  While the price point of Final Cut X is just $299.00, there has been no mention about the other Final Cut Studio applications.


Well, I'm happy to find the latest rumor(s) that the other Final Cut Studio applications are still being developed.  Check out this sneak peak of some screenshots from Motion 5.0.

Even though it appears Final Cut X incorporates some technology that was previously only available in Color, There is also a rumor that a new version of Apple Color is still be developed.  If this is true, it's great news for professionals.

Remember, all the new Applications seem to be moving towards a 'download' only model from the App store.
Check out this short tutorial on how to create a giant crawling title using Avid Marquee with light rays shooting through it!
Check out this short tutorial on how to create a customized text effect using Apple Motion.
Here is a quick tutorial showing you how to edit to the beat in Final Cut Pro, in order to fix some shaky camerawork.

icloud2.pngToday at the WWDC in San Francisco, Apple announced the new and upcoming iCloud.  The digital hub is being moved to "the cloud".  Most people think of the cloud as a hard disk in the sky; but iCloud is much more than that.  Not only does iCloud serve as your storage, but it wirelessly pushes to all of your devices now, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and to your Mac.  Store your music, photos, books, apps, calendars, documents, and device settings, and automatically back up all of your devices wirelessly; no more plugging in, no more syncing, iCloud does it all for you!

iCloud makes working with documents easier now too.  Now you can edit a document on any of your devices through the iWork applications and iCloud automatically updates the document changes.  So if I'm at lunch reviewing a document with a client on my iPad and we need to make a change, it will automatically change the document back on my computer at work.  How awesome is that!

The App Store will also go to the cloud universe.  So now all of your devices can have the same apps.  Being able to see your purchase history on the App Store, iCloud automatically pushes all of your apps to all of your devices.  No need to download again, no extra charges!  Same thing with iTunes; with iCloud, the music you purchase in iTunes, automatically appears on all of your devices.  Again, no syncing!  I'm so excited!

Let's talk about photos; with Photo Stream, you can take a picture on your iPhone, and in seconds, look at it on your iPad; or look at it on your computer; you can also load pictures on your computer from your digital camera, and guess what?  There they are on your iPhone and iPad.  Did I mention iCloud works with AppleTV?  Well of course it does!

The one and only small downfall to iCloud that I can see is the fact that there will be no more Mobile Me.  Oh, you mean I get to save $99 a year now?  Ok, if I have to.  You'll still have your contacts, calendars, and mail.  Think of iCloud as the new and improved Mobile Me, but 10X better; oh yeah, and it's FREE.  iCloud will be available with the new iOS5 update this fall.  If you ask me, it can't be soon enough!  

Check out this short Apple Motion tutorial on how to create a floor that reflects light by using 3D lighting.
Learn how to generate titles automatically using Avid's Marquee title tool within Media Composer.  This is an incredible way to save time if you have a bunch of titles that need to be created.
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