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Color Correction in Final Cut Pro 7

Check out this short tutorial for color correction multiple clips within a Final Cut Pro 7 sequence.

It's easy to color correct all your clips in Final Cut Pro using the Color Corrector 3 Way Filter.

For example, take a look at these underwater shots.

To start the color correction process, press Command A to select all of the clips.

Then navigate to the effects tab within the Browser window.

Twirl down the disclosure triangle for Video Filters, and then Color Correction.

Drag the Color Corrector 3 Way filter onto all of the selected clips within the Final Cut Pro timeline.

Navigate to the top of the Viewer window and change the sync menu to open.

Then click on the Color Corrector 3 Way tab at the top of the viewer window.

Navigate to the window menu, and select Arrange, and then Color Correction.

This activates the Color Correction Layout.

Within the video scopes tab, change the layout menu to show the video waveform.

Then, click on this display brightness icon.

Increase the brightness slider so you can see the luminance values for the clip that you've parked over.

Within the Color Correction filter decrease the black values and increase the white values of the video clip.

Navigate over to the tool bench and click on the frame viewer to see the difference in the changes that you've made.

Move back over to the Color Correct 3 Way tab within the Viewer window.

You can shift the blue colors towards orange to remove the blue haze from the underwater shots.

Then repeat  the same steps for all the other clips in your timeline.

That's it!

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