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Setting Preferences in Apple Color

Apple's Motion software is extremely powerful when it comes to color correcting video.  However, it's REALLY important that you understand how and where it saves files when you're sending content to/from Final Cut Pro.

If you plan on using Apple's Color software with Final Cut Pro, you'll want to adjust Color's preferences ahead of time.

Otherwise, you risk having to relink and find media elements created from Color if you later decide to archive your data.

Since most users will have their media from Final Cut Pro stored in a Capture Scratch Folder, It may make sense to keep render files from Color inside the same folder that contains your Final Cut Pro Media.

When sending content from Final Cut Pro to Color, Color will automatically create a folder that contains the new color corrected media.

Inside that folder you will see a sub-folder for every clip segment that's been color corrected.

To configure the default render directory within Color, click on the Setup tab at the top of the Color interface.

Then click on the browser button for the render directory.

Set the directory hierarchy to its highest level.

Then double click on volumes.

You should now see a list of all your hard disk volumes.

For example, I'll navigate to this external Media drive volume.

Set default render directory to the same capture scratch location that you are using for Final Cut Pro.

Then, repeat the same steps for these other two directories.

Okay, these settings only affect new projects.  

If you want to change the render location for the current project, navigate to the bottom of the setup window and change the tab from user preferences to project preferences.

Then on the project render directory button.

Again, you'll want to specify where you want the render files to go.

Now you'll have everything is the same place when it comes time to copy or archive your project elements.

Remember, if you choose this route to keep things organized, you'll have to change your Color preferences each time you create a new project within Final Cut Pro.

This short tutorial is designed to compliment a series of video tutorials from GeniusDV.  

You can view the master tutorials by visiting GeniusDV.com and clicking on the tutorials menu to access our rental videos.


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