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April 2011 Archives

This is an updated tutorial to reflect changes in Media Composer 5.X. 

Note: The advanced keyframe editor in 5.0 defaults to a ease-in / ease-out movement when keyframing basic motion effects.  Therefore, you need to change the interpolation to linear if you want to create a moving filmstrip effect.

That being said, in Media Composer 5.5, the default has been reset back to linear, so you won't have to perform that step.

It's almost not worth doing an entire video tutorial for this, but this is something that I find VERY useful when working in Final Cut Pro or Avid Media Composer.

When you are working on a specific project, you may want to consider configuring the sidebar within the Finder window to point to the various directories that contain your media assets.  You may find that this will save you time without having to constantly navigate through the hierarchy of folders to find things.  

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GoPro cameras are a great way to get action footage, and shots tight quarters. If you are not familiar with GoPro cameras, you should check out the GoPro website. Anyone I have spoke to about their GoPro camera is beyond satisfied. These tiny cameras are able to get shots that ordinary video cameras just can't because of their size. They can get shots like point of view for example that are just great to enhance any project. GoPro cameras can aslo be easily mounted to shoot back at the subject. Recently at the NAB show in Las Vegas I saw footage from GoPro cameras that were mounted to surf boards and bicycles that were capturing incredible shots of the individual performing. GoPro also recently acquired the company Cineform which has developed the most inexpensive 3D solution I have come across. 


The GoPro cameras capture media in the H264 format which can be a challenge to edit in Final Cut Pro 7, and previous versions. The most efficient workflow is to convert the files to Apple Pro Res, and edit them in that format. If you go thru the GoPro media, and name all the clips before you convert them, it will allow you to delete the Pro Res clips when you are completed with your project. By archiving the H264 media, you will save considerable storage space. The upcoming release of FCPX is going to drastically change the H264 workflow in Final Cut Pro. Using media from cameras like GoPro should become a much more efficient workflow. We at GeniusDV look forward to teaching that workflow.
Here's a great tutorial on using Secondary Color correction along with tracking data in Apple Color to fix a shot.  Click on the link above to visit the Apple Color Training Tutorial.
Apple's Motion software is extremely powerful when it comes to color correcting video.  However, it's REALLY important that you understand how and where it saves files when you're sending content to/from Final Cut Pro.

Here's a short tutorial that will walk you through the basic interface windows within Apple Motion.

Continue reading for a full text transcript of this tutorial....

You can use Apple Motion to create amazing text effects. Here's an example of how to create a fogwriting effect. If you are a previous owner of Final Cut Studio 2.0, you can also check out this LiveType Tutorial for the fogwriter effect.

This tutorial has been updated in HD, along with a new script and better instructions for completing the tutorial.

Continue reading for a full transcript of this Motion tutorial.
If you are new to Apple's Color software, here's a short introduction to the Apple Color Interface.

Continue reading for a full text transcript of this tutorial....
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