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Creating 3D spinning world in Avid Media Composer

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Learn how to create a 3D World using the base effects within Avid Media Composer.  In this short tutorial you'll also learn about nesting.

Continue reading for a full text transcript of this tutorial.  You might also want to check out our creating a Moving Filmstrip tutorial with Avid Media Composer.
It’s easy to create a spinning 3D world effect in Avid Media Composer.

To create this effect, find at least 6 clips with a duration of exactly 3:00 seconds each.

Then highlight all your clips and drag them directly to the timeline window.

Move the playhead indicator to the front of the sequence.

Now navigate to the effects palette within the Avid project window.

Click on the blend category and find the 3D warp effect.

Drag the 3D warp effect to the first clip segment in your sequence.

Now click on the effect mode button.

Navigate over to the Composer window and press the zoom out or reduce button.

Drag the video image off to the right side of the visible picture area.

Now move the playhead indicator to the end of the clip segment.

Now drag the video image off to the left side of the screen.

Zoom back into the Composer window when you’re finished.

Within the effects editor window, click on the Show Keyframe Graphs button.

Right click on the position track parameter and change it from a spline based movement to linear.

Save a copy of the effect by dragging the effect icon from the upper left corner of the effects editor window into a bin window.

Now, highlight the other clip segments in your sequence by drawing a marquee lasso around them.

Then, double click on the effect icon that you’ve saved into your bin.

Activate the timeline window and then use the keyboard shortcut command Y to add a new video track.

Move this monitor icon up to the V2 track.

Now park exactly half way into the first clip, which is exactly 1 second and 15 frames.

Hold down the command key and drag the next clip up and over to snap to the blue indicator.

Then move the other clip segments into place.

Okay, If you play the sequence, you can see you’ve got a moving filmstrip.

Press the Mark Clip button to mark in and out points for the entire sequence.

Then press the collapse button.

Now navigate over to the effects palette and click on the Xpress 3D category.

Find the 3D ball effect and drag it onto the nested track that’s on V1.

Okay that’s it!  Check it out.

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