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Four point tracking in Apple Motion

Check out this short Motion tutorial on how to easily replace video content within a television screen using four tracking points.

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It easy to replace the content within a tv screen by using tracking points within Apple Motion.

To do this, edit your clip to a Final Cut Pro sequence.

Then right click on the click and choose Send to Motion Project.

Press the save button for the new Motion Project.

You may need to press Command Minus a few times to zoom out of your Canvas window in order to see all your video content.

Press Command 4 to bring forward the Layers Tab.

Navigate over to the Library window and find your media that you would like to place inside your television.

Drag the media into the same group layer than contains your television clip.

Move over to the Canvas window and click on your new clip.

Then right click on it and choose Four Corner from the contextual menu.

Now, I recommend turning off the snapping feature within Motion by using the keyboard shortcut, N.

Re-position each of the four corners to your media to match the shape of your television.

You may need to zoom in a bit using the keyboard shortcut Command Equals to get a more precise point.

Since the camera is moving in this shot, you can see that our clip doesn't always match up with the tv screen.

To fix this, navigate to the Add Behavior button and choose  Motion Tracking - Match Move.

Now click on the first tracking point.

Move over to the Inspector tab.

Make sure the source window represents the clip you'll be matching.

In the tracker preview window, adjust your tracking point so it's on the exact corner of the television screen.

Repeat this same step for the other tracking points.

Then press the analyze button.

The clip will now follow the tracking points and match the move of the tv screen.

When your finished, navigate to the file menu and choose save.

Press the Command H to return to Final Cut Pro.

Okay, that's it!  

Watch the final composite.

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