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Creating Flying Stars in Apple Motion

You can create some really cool effects by simply using the character Map within Mac OS X.  This allows you to access a variety vector based shapes such as a 'star' to create an effect's composite in Apple Motion.

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You can create some cool effects using the Character Map within Apple Motion.

First, navigate to the Apple Menu in the Upper left corner and choose System Preferences.

Click on the Language and text icon.

Now click on the Input Sources tab.

Turn on the Keyboard and Character Viewer.

An icon will appear in the Mac OS X menu bar for easy access to the character viewer.

You can now go back to Final Cut Pro.

Right click on a clip within Final Cut Pro and choose send to Motion Project.

Give your Motion Project a name and press the save button.

After Motion opens, click on the text tool.

Then click anywhere within the Canvas window.

Navigate to the Mac OS X menu bar and show the character viewer.

Click on the Stars / Asterisks category and choose the solid black star.

Then press the insert button 8 times.

Navigate over to the Inspector tab.

Now click on the layout tab.

Change the layout method to path.

Move down to the path shape, and change it to a circle.

Adjust the radius until you complete the circle full of stars.

Then you may need to adjust and resize your stars to fit the canvas window.

Click on the select / transform tool to reposition and resize your object.

Now click on the red record button at the bottom of the Canvas window.

Move the position indicator to the last frame of your clip.

Then move back to the inspector window and change the path offset to 100%.

Okay, now move the position indicator to the front of the clip.

Next, move over to the Style tab.

Turn off the face for the stars, and turn on the outline.

Change the fill to a gradient.

Go ahead and pick a gradient style.

Go ahead and the width and blur of the border.

Okay, now move over to the Add filter button.

Choose Glow and then Light Rays.

Move over to the filters tab within the inspector window.

Adjust the amount and glow parameters for the light rays filter.

Next, click on the Add Behavior button.

Choose Text Energetic - Magnetic In.

Okay, that's it!  

Go ahead and play the final composite.

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