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Title Blur Effect with Marquee Avid Media Composer

Learn how to create a blurred title effect using Avid Media Composer's Marquee Title Tool.

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You can create some nice looking lower third titles that blur in using the Avid Media Composer's Marquee Software.

To start, navigate to the toolset menu and choose the basic animation toolset.

Click on the text tool and then type your title.

Then click on the edit tool to select the text object.

Adjust the object box for the title so it reaches across the length the Canvas window.

Next, click on the align center justification icon to center the text within the object box.

Now adjust the Kerning size until your letters are stretched across the screen.

Also, click on the title safe button.

Go ahead and position your text towards the button of the screen.

Now turn the the Animation mode button.

Navigate over to the Quick Title Properties window.

Turn off the check mark for main surface.

Now turn on the drop shadow.

Click on the center of this white box so the drop shadow is centered on itself.

Change the drop shadow color to white.

Change its opacity to 100%.

Increase the softness value of your title to 250%

Move the position indicator forward to the 1 second mark within the Marquee timeline.

Reset the softness parameter for the text object back to 0.

Then set the kerning parameter to 0.

Okay, I'm going to turn my background video so you can see what this looks like over a video frame.

To add a black border to your text, go ahead and re-enable the main surface.

Then turn on the edge properties.

Select a flat border.

And then make the edge color black.

Give the edge a size of 2.

Okay, check it out!

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