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Mixer Brush Tool in Photoshop CS5

Learn how to use the Mixer Brush tool in Photoshop CS5 to turn pictures into painted photographs.

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You can use the new Photoshop CS5 Mixer Brush to create fine art paint effects on your images.

Photoshop now offers an intuitive paint mixing brush that allows you to apply colors and blend them with underlying existing colors as you go, just like a fine art painter would.

In this project we will apply this effect to a photograph showing three colored candles.

Click on the Brush Tool icon, hold,  drag down and select the Mixer Brush Tool

Right Click to bring up the Brush  Panel

Select the Round Point Stiff brush as shown

Click on the icon w/ the artist brush palette on the Options Bar, this will bring up the Brush Preset Panel

Click on Shape Dynamics and click on Transfer

Select Transfer

On the Control scroll area click on Fade.  Set the Slider to 12%    The Fade option will always give you a "fade out" effect that is typical of most  fine art brushes.

Before proceeding, here is a quick example of what happens with the Mixer Brush Tool when applied.

Notice that my Mixer Brush Tool is loaded with a RED solid color.  

As I click and drag my brush through, see how the red paint interacts with the yellow and blue areas, mixing the colors as it goes through; turning yellow into orange and blue into purple as it would with real paint.

In our exercise, we will choose a color to blend a single-light-source shade on our  candles

Create a new layer

Make sure that "Sample All Layers" is checked on the Options Bar

Choose a color similar to a  violet shade.   Paint near the left edge of one of the candles as shown.  

Because you are working on a separate layer, you can correct your paint strokes at any time using any of the Photoshop editing tools.

Now Click on the Eye Dropper tool

Drag, and select a color adjacent to the bluish tone you just applied.  

A Sampling Ring will show with your cursor to help you make the selection you want.

Press the shortcut key "B" on your keyboard to return to your brush.

Your Mixer Brush is now loaded with this new color which you can blend with your new color and the background.  

Proceed with the same steps just shown with the rest of the image.

Now Your image feels like  it is painted, without the need of pre-defined filters or other gadgets.  

Feel free to explore with other Mixer Brush Tool adjustments provided by Photoshop .

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