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Check out this cool Apple Motion tutorial on how to create a 3D reflection as part of a floor that looks like water.

You can use Apple's Motion program to create dynamic motion graphics. 

In this example, check out this 3D reflection for this picture in picture effect.

Start by creating a new drop zone by navigating to the object menu. (continue reading).
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Here's a great video tutorial on how to create a sweeping glow effect using Apple Motion.

For those who have upgraded to Final Cut Studio 3.0, you may have noticed that it did not ship with LiveType.  Fortunately, the upgrade will not erase your original LiveType program.  LiveType is an amazing motion graphics program that allows you to create amazing effects with title characters. 

Unfortunately, if you're new to Final Cut Studio, LiveType is no longer available. Strangely, LiveType still does ship with Final Cut Express.

Okay, not to fear, as far as I can tell, all of the functionality of LiveType has been incorporated into Motion 4.0.  It's just a matter of learning all the tricks within Motion.  Here is a relatively simple, but yet powerful technique for creating a Master Template for a glowing title effect.

These free tutorials take a while to create.  Please help us improve our content by providing feedback and/or your rating.  It will help inspire us to create more videos.

You can read the entire transcript for this Apple Motion tutorial by continuing to read forward....

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SketchUp is great program for design and if you have a Mac, you can now have a film studio too - using Sketchers studio.

image export.png
Learn how to use the Mixer Brush tool in Photoshop CS5 to turn pictures into painted photographs.

Continue reading for a full text transcript of this tutorial.....
Learn how to create a blurred title effect using Avid Media Composer's Marquee Title Tool.

Continue reading for a full text transcript of this Avid Marquee video Tutorial....
Learn how to use the compositing mode 'Travel Matte Alpha' within Final Cut Pro to create some cool effects.  You'll also learn the fundamentals of nesting.  Check out this Final Cut Pro tutorial on how to place video inside a giant crawling text element.

Continue reading for a full text transcript of this Final Cut Pro tutorial....
Check out this video tutorial for learning how to keyframe in Adobe After Effects. You may want to view Part1 of this After FX keyframing tutorial before watching this video.

Continue reading for a full text transcript of this After Effects tutorial....
Check out this short tutorial on how to import and animate an object in 3D using Photoshop CS5.  For a text transcript of this tutorial... continue reading... 
Check out this cool tutorial that expands upon my earlier 'camera flash' tutorial.  Learn how to create a wood frame around your freeze frame by using Apple Motion. 

Please review my previous tutorial called 'Camera Flash Effect' for instructions on how to install the 'camera flash' plug-in. You can download the free plug-in from Mattias at Too Much Too Soon.

Continue reading for a full text transcript of this Final Cut Pro tutorial.
You can create some really cool effects by simply using the character Map within Mac OS X.  This allows you to access a variety vector based shapes such as a 'star' to create an effect's composite in Apple Motion.

Continue reading for the full text transcript of this Apple Motion tutorial.
Here's a short tutorial on how to create an 'object' wipe within Avid Media Composer.

Continue reading for a full text transcript of the Media Composer tutorial.

The new version of Final Cut Pro has some really cool new Alpha Transitions that use animated mattes to move from one clip to the next.  But you first actually have to go to the Apple website to download the new alpha transitions, which are free.  Once you have the Alpha Transitions installed on your computer, the possibilities are outstanding.


Continue reading for a full text based based on for creating this effect.

Check out this short Apple Commercial spoof to see what's possible using Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro. Craig and Jason created this video after taking our Final Cut Pro and Motion classes.

Apple's SoundTrack Pro provides some amazing functionality when it comes to removing noise elements from clips.  You can send clips directly from Final Cut Pro into SoundTrack Pro. SoundTrack Pro will then automatically update your Final Cut Pro sequence once you save your changes.
meredith.pngMeredith Muse completed our 5 day Final Cut Pro class this past summer as part of her career enhancement as a TV Production Instructor at Liberty High School in Kissimmee, Florida.  Meredith graduated from FSU School of Communications with a BA in Media Production, and worked for 3 years as a news director before moving into teaching.  "I felt confident in shooting, directing, and writing for video, but not the best at editing.  I had a general knowledge of Final Cut, mostly gained from my students!  The reason I took the 5 day class was to prepare for the Final Cut Pro certification exam.  It is the county's wish that TV Production teachers get all of our TV 4 students certified in the software, therefore, teachers certified in the software are an asset."

When asked what she thought about her training here at GeniusDV, her reply was, "the weeklong workshop was fantastic!  All of the instructors were very knowledgeable in the software and patient with us.  I left with confidence and tons of helpful information I currently use in class, and used to successfully pass the certification exam."  My favorite thing learned during training was the Multi-cam editing.  I am currently using this method with my TV3 and TV4 students, using multiple cameras to film extracurricular activities and use the multicam eding process to create a video for fundraising purposes."

Did you know that the latest version of Photoshop allows you to edit full motion video? Here is a quick video tutorial on how to add a video filter to a video clip using Photoshop.

You can also follow these steps with the supplied screenshots:
A great addition to your Final Cut Pro workflow is to start using a keyboard shortcut to move from one tab to another. I recently added this to my workflow, and can't believe how often I use it. Becoming efficient at Final Cut Pro is all about little time savers like this one.

Being able to move from the Video tab to the Audio in the Viewer, has become very useful. The ability to move from sequence to sequence in the Timeline is also very useful. The functions are called, Select Previous Tab, & Select Next Tab. The default keyboard commands are shift+command, and one of the bracket keys. I have found this to be useful enough to map to the unmodified keyboard. Since the bracket keys, and the comma and period keys are both mapped to the trim function, I remapped the comma, & period to become the Select Previous & Next Tab functions. When combined with the Toggle Windows (Q) function, you are quickly able to isolate the tab that you need to be working in.
Embedding chapter markers into Quicktime movies with Final Cut Pro is both easy, & useful. I discovered a new use recently when preparing interview media for review. By embedding chapter markers at the beginning of each talking point, I made it easier for my producer to review the interview footage. I also added a Timecode Generator filter to make it easy to get specific timecode. In general it is nice to add chapter markers to Quicktime movies, so that they are more navigable. Chapter markers will appear on mobile devices like iPhones and iPads too. This allows you to group a number of videos into one Final Cut Pro export, and give the viewer the ability to bounce from one to the other. 


To embed chapter markers in Final Cut Pro, you must first set a marker by moving the playhead to the point in the video where you desire a chapter to be, and Pressing the M key. While still in the position of the marker, you will press the M key again. This will bring up the Edit Marker interface, where you will select Add Chapter Marker to give that particular marker the function of being a chapter marker. One important thing to know is that markers in Final Cut cannot be in the 1st second, last second, or within a second of another marker.  

Upon export you will have to include chapter markers under the Markers option in the export interface. You could also include DVD Studio Pro markers, which would also include Compression Markers. 


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