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Creating a Slide Show in Avid Media Composer

Here's a short video tutorial on how to create a slideshow using Avid Media Composer.  You'll learn how to mark in-out points for a bunch of clips all at the same time.

You can view a text based tutorial on this same concept by reading further.....

Here is an excellent time saving feature with Avid Media Composer / Avid Xpress which allows you to mark multiple in/out points for multiple clips at the same time.

This is an incredible time-saving feature when you need to create a quick montage or slideshow that requires many clips with the same exact duration.  This trick also allows you to add handles to all your clips, so you can easily place transitions between all your clips once they have been edited to the timeline.


Make sure all of your clips are in piled up into one single Avid bin.

This trick only works in while in Script view. When you are in script view.

Select all the clips within the Bin window using (CTRL A - PC) or (Command A - Mac)

Use the (advance frame arrow keys) to move foward/backward 1 or 10 frames at a time.




The 1,2 keys move foward/backward 10 frames a time.

The 3,4 keys move forward/backward 1 frame at a time.

Use the keyboard Shortcuts for making your in-out points.

I = In Point.

O = Out Point.

You may want to verify the IN-OUT duration of all your clips by turnning on the IN-OUT column heading.

Column headings can be turned on using the Bin Menu in the lower right corner of the Bin window.


*The IN-OUT column heading can only be turned on within the Text tab.  You'll need to flip back to the Script tab after you turn on the heading.

You can then drag all of your clips directly to an empty timeline, and they will all have the same exact duration.

One last note:  If you plan on placing dissolves or transitions between all your clips once you've edited them to the Avid timeline, make sure you leave sufficient handles at the front of each clip.  Therefore, you'll want to advance a few frames before making your in point, to make sure you have enough room to transition into the next clip.  

To review: The basic strategy for a bunch of 2 second clips with 1 second dissolves would be:

  • Load all your clips into an Avid Bin (CTRL A) to select them all
  • Press the 2 key twice to advance 20 frames (Mark In - using the I Key)
  • Press the 2 key 6 times to advanced 60 frames (Mark Out - using the O Key)
  • Drag all the clips to the Avid timeline
  • Place transitions between all your cilps  



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