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Boris Title 3D type on effect

Here's a short tutorial on how to create a cool 'type-on' effect using the build in Boris Title 3D plug-in within Final Cut Pro.

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Did you know Final Cut Pro has a built-in title generator called Title 3D? It allows you to create dynamic looking titles similar to those you could create in Apple's LiveType.


So if you need a cool looking title, and you don't want to use Apple's LiveType, here is an easy tutorial on how to animate individual letters within Title 3D. The first step is to navigate to the generator's menu within Final Cut Pro. Select Boris - Title 3D.


This will load a 'blank' title into the Viewer window. You'll need to click on the Controls Tab in order to launch the Title 3D plugin. 


The next step is to design your title. Go ahead and type your title. If you need more help on this step, here is a a quick tutorial on how to build a title using the title 3D interface After you have built your title, click on the Apply button. This will send the title back into your Viewer window. Click in the upper left corner of the Viewer window and type a value of 2:00 for the duration of your title. Then drag your title to an empty Sequence within the Final Cut Pro timeline.


*IMPORTANT Make sure you park the yellow playback indicator over your title in the sequence and double click on the title (within the sequence) to load it back into the Viewer window. This is important, so you can see the adjustments that you will be making within the Controls Tab of the Viewer window. double_click_clip.gif 

Within the Viewer window, click on the Controls Tab. Find the Type-on Parameter. You need to add two key-frames. To add keyframes click on the 'add keyframe' button at the first and last frame of the clip. 


At the beginning keyframe, set a value of '0'. At the last keyframe of the paramter set a value of '100'.


Adjusting the Type-On paramter from 0 to 100 tells Title 3D to type on the letters one at a time, based on some other critiria that you will set.


Use these reccomended adjustments if you want to create the same effect as shown above. Otherwise, experiment on your own.


You don't necessarily need to keyframe any of these adjustments, since the type-on parameter is handling all of the animation. Although, you can certainly create some interesting dynamic effects if you decide to alter the parameters over-time using keyframes.

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