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Using Avid FX for giant crawling titles with Media Composer

You can use Avid FX (think Boris FX) in conjunction with Avid Media Composer to create stunning text effects.

Avid FX provides for a downstream mask key, which makes it incredibly easy to composite video inside a text layer.  Avid FX is also resolution independent which means you can create very large text objects that are larger than your video frame.

Check out this short Avid FX tutorial on how to do this.

For a text based tutorial of this same concept... continue reading....

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Adding video inside a title or graphic is a very simple task if you are using Boris FX. 

For those of you who are Media Composer Users, "When I talk about Avid FX, think Boris FX red.'  Same exact thing.  For Final Cut Studio user's you'll have to purchase Boris Red software seperately.

Even though this Giant Crawling Title effect  can be created outside of Boris FX, you may find it easier to use because it's resolution independent. This means you can create titles that exceed the resolution of your sequence.  Another great thing about Boris FX (Avid FX) is that you can use the Boris FX engine.  You don't necessarily have to use it as a plug-in.

After launching the Boris FX (Avid FX) software engine, Set the top track to become a Title Track. You can do this by changing V1 to a Text Track. 


The Boris FX (Avid FX) Title tool will appear.  Go ahead and type your text.  In my example, I made the text very large. Press the update button when you are done.


Set the track below your title to display some video. If you're using the default background within the Boris FX (Avid FX) engine, it will be set to a still image of a brick wall', or you can change the track to a movie file.


So here is the basic idea to make this work.  Let's review.  Start with two tracks, the top track is your title, and the bottom track is the video (or still image) that you want inside the title.

To get video inside the title, you need to drag the title track inside the video track's mask.  Twirl down the disclosure triangle for the bottom track.  You'll see three sub-tracks which are labeled as Mask, Transformations, and Face.  Next, twirl down the disclosure triangle for the track's face.

Be careful, there are two mask tracks.   The top mask is called an 'upstream' mask, and the bottom mask is called a 'downstream' mask.  You want to make sure you drag your title into the 'downstream' mask.  Either mask will work initially, but it's important to use the downstream mask so you can add an edge to the matte.


You will be left with one layer.  This means the title has been nested inside the Video layer.


I recommend that you add a border to the nested layer to help separate it from the background.  To do this, find the Controls Window, which should be located in the upper left portion of the screen.  Click on the Border tab.  Adjust the width slider to add a border to the mask.


As an optional step, you may want to add another video layer to act as your true background. Click the Add 3D plane icon to add a track.


At last, if you decide to add an additional layer as a background, you'll need to switch the layer's around so your nested video track is above the new background video track.


If you need help in terms of how Boris FX (Avid FX) integrates with Avid Media Composer, you can read this tutorial on using Avid FX to create a 3D cube.  I also left out a part which includes using keyframes, and filters.  Hang tight, that's a tutorial for another time.


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