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Using Avid Paint Effect for Tracking and Cloning

A quick and easy fix to remove an unwanted artifact or portion of a video image is to track and clone an object using the Avid Media Composer's paint effect.  Tracking can be a complex process, but it can also be a simple process for very practical things.  This is one quick example that uses a single tracking point.

Continue reading for a tutorial that uses screenshots for removing the guys logo on this shirt.

In this next example, I want to remove the unwanted logo from this man's shirt.  This was done by cloning a similar area of his shirt and then tracking it to perfectly cover up the unwanted logo.  

Drag the paint effect from the Avid effect palette onto a clip segment within the Avid's timeline.

Click on the Effect Mode icon to launch the paint effect parameter's. Make sure the V1 Track is turned on.



For this example, click on the oval drawing tool within the paint effect paramters.  Use the oval drawing tool to draw an area over the video frame that you want to clone.  Don't worry, it will be solid red paint that you're drawing onto your video image, we'll change that later.


In this case, draw an area directly above the logo on the man's shirt. This painted area will turn into an object as soon as you let go of the mouse. 


paint_mode_clone.gifNext, change the object's mode to clone.

remove_logo.gifMove the cloned object on top of the unwanted area within the video image.

feathering.gifYou might also want to adjust the object's feathering to hide any rough edges to help the cloned area blend in.

The last step is to track the logo so the cloned object will follow the movement of the video frame. 

tracking_tool.gifClick on the tracking icon within the Avid's effect editor to activate the tracking window.



Drag the cross-hairs, which represent the area of interest, onto the logo that you want removed. Then press the 'start tracking' button. 

The tracker will start to track the object within the 'area of interest'. You'll see a series of tracking points as the tracking moves through the clip.  



tracking_area_interest.gifWarning:  It will take some experimenting when using the tracking cross-hairs.  Not everything will track perfectly.

After the video image has been tracked, go back to the Avid effects palette and turn on the tracking paramter for your object.



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