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Stop Motion Animation with Final Cut Pro

You can use QuickTime 7.0 to import an image sequence so you can bring a stop motion animation into Final Cut Pro.  This is also a great method for importing .tiff sequences from Maya into FCP.

To to this, you'll need to find QuickTime Pro 7.0 or install it from your installation DVD.  If you have a copy of Final Cut Pro installed, it will automatically upgrade your version of Quicktime to the Pro version.

QuickTime Pro allows you to import image sequences, along with the ability to export the assembled movie back to a QuickTime movie format.

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You can use Final Cut Pro in combination with QuickTime Pro to import an image sequence.

You can use image sequences to create stop animation effects. 

Check out this shot of the sunrise.

If you have a new Macintosh system or if you are running Snow Leopard, you will need to install QuickTime 7.0 from your operating system disk.

To do this, double click on the installer DVD.

Open up the optional installs folder and launch the installer.

Within the install window, click on the Quicktime 7.0 checkbox.

After QuickTime 7 is installed you can open your image sequence directly into the QuickTime player.

In this example, you can see I've got an image sequence of a sunset.

You'll find a copy of QuickTime 7.0 in the Applications / Utilities folder.

Go ahead and Launch QuickTime 7.0

Navigate to the file menu and select open Image Sequence.

Then select the first numbered picture within your folder.

QuickTime Pro will automatically assemble all the other numbered pictures into one playable stream.

Next, navigate to the file menu to export a Quicktime movie.

After that's done you can import your finished QuickTime movie directly into Final Cut Pro.

Okay that's it.

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