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Setting up Multi Camera edit for Final Cut Pro

Learn the 'basics' in setting up a multi-camera edit for Final Cut Pro.  

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Final Cut Pro has an incredible multicamera feature. There are some critical settings that you must check in order for multicam to work correctly within Final Cut Pro. 


First, you need to capture all of your media. Make sure you capture each camera is its own clip. Next, you'll need to establish a common sync point between all your cameras. If you're lucky, you may have cameras that support  jam synced timecode. This means all of your tapes will have the same exact timecode on them. Unfortunately, for most of us this may not be an option.

*A common trick, is to use a camera flash that can be used as a frame of reference. That's right! Just have someone snap a picture, with a flash, while everyone is rolling camera. Then use the frame where each camera sees the camera flash.

To get started, double click on each clip and mark an in-point at your designated sync point (i.e. camera flash)


The next step is to right click on all of your clips within the Browser window. Select make multiclip.











A synchronize box will apear showing the sync relationship between your clips.  







This will create a multiclip icon. Double click on the multiclip icon to load it into the Viewer window. You should now see all the angles that you've included in your multiclip.

Next, you need to drag down the master camera  to the timeline window from the viewer window while pressing the Option key.  It may make sense to choose the camera angle that contains your master audio track if you are only cutting video angles.


For most multi-camera edits, you'll edit to a master audio track. Therefore, you may want to change the Playhead sync menu within the Viewer window to Video only. This will allow you to cut to different video angles while maintaining your master audio track.






Next, navigate to the RT menu in the upper left corner of the timeline window and make sure multiclip playback is selected.















canvas_menu_open.gifNow, in order for the sequence and the multiclip elements to play together, you must set the playhead sync within the Canvas window to open. This will sync the two windows together based on the in-points of your multiclip.



Navigate to the Tools/ Keyboard Layout / Multi-camera Editing, this will configure the keyboard keypad with the ability to switch between multiclip angles on the fly.








For most users, I've found they require cutting ability instead of switch. Therefore, you'll need to hold down the apple key when pressing the corresponding keypad number in order to cut between angles instead of switching between them.

*You might want to consider remapping your keyboard by going to Tools / Keyboard Layout / Customize and changing the default keypad commands so they perform a cut edit instead of switching angles.


 If you'd like to do this. Type the keyword cut video into the search box (do not press return). Then drag the corresponding Cut Video to Angle #to the appropriate keyboard shortcut key. *Make sure the keyboard is unlocked to make changes to the existing layout.




That's it! You've successfully configured your system for multi-camera editing. When you play within with sequence window, your camera angles should play in sync with your playhead indicator. *Make sure you use the play buttons from the canvas window, or the equivalent keyboard commands with the timeline window activated.

As it's playing just click on the Camera angle within the Viewer window, or use (apple + keypad #) to cut to each camera.




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