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Learning to Use Modifier Keys in Final Cut Pro

Here is a great explanation about using modifier keys in Final Cut Pro

Editors who mouse around the Final Cut Pro interface trying to accomplish Final Cut Pro functions, are spending valuable time that they don’t need to.  Often the lack of knowledge of what each of the modifier key icons actually are, can be a big reason. I believe everyone knows the Command key (or still sometimes still referred to as the apple key) has the splat symbol. The Shift key uses the full arrow as its symbol, whereas the Control key is the kernel or tip of an arrow symbol. Finally the Option key is represented by the tilde symbol, the icon itself looks like an escalator.  If you’re coming from the PC world you may be used to calling it the ALT key.  Knowing these four icons will make your life much easier in Final Cut Pro. I have been asked on more than one occasion what the modifier keys represented. I don’t have a perfect answer, but a good way to look at, it is that when using the Command key, you are typically performing a function that you very well may do the same in another application. For example Command S to save, or Command V to paste. The Option key often used when performing the opposite of another function. For example as I & O set an in and out point, Option I & O remove an in or out point. The Shift and Control keys are used because an application like Final Cut Pro has so many keyboard commands, there have to be additional modifier keys to multiply the amount of available keyboard command combinations.

Although knowing them is half the battle, using them is what is important. A great way to learn to use key commands is to spend the extra few seconds to use them, when you would have typically not. For example the next time you mouse your way to a menu function, stop yourself before clicking the function on the menu, read what the keyboard command says, click off the menu, and perform the keyboard command right there and then. This will help your fingers and mind work together the next time. The same goes true for using the Help feature in Final Cut Pro. Once you have established the key command, click off the menu, and use the keyboard command.

This really is a great way to become more efficient at Final Cut Pro, but the best way to become most efficient, is to take a GeniusDV training class.  So give us a call at GeniusDV today.



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