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Creating customized gradient wipes with Final Cut Pro

You can create an unlimited number of 'customized' wipes using the Gradient wipe effect transition within Final Cut Pro. Check out this short video tutorial on how it's done!

Continue reading for a full scripted tutorial with screenshots......
If you're tired of the same old collection of transitions that you've been using time and time again, gradient wipes are a fresh way to change up the pace and the appearance of a program sequence. When you are using a gradient wipe, you are basically telling Final Cut Pro to use a designated matte image to create a transition between two sequences. The initial transformation from clip A to clip B will occur within the darkest areas of the image you have chosen with the brightest images transitioning last. If you watch any television at all, chances are you have seen this technique before. Well, if seeing is believing then lets get into it!


 1. With the two clips that you want to perform the wipe between in the timeline window, click on the effects tab in the Browser > then navigate to Video Transitions > Wipe > Gradient Wipe.


 2. Drag the Gradient Wipe from the Effects Palette and place it between the two designated clips in the timeline.


3. Double click on the Transition Icon that you have just placed in your sequence in order to open the Transition Editor.


4. Within the Transition Editor, locate the row that is marked Gradient. At the end of the row you will find an empty box with a question mark in it. This is the location where you will drag and drop your matte image.


 5. Import the matte image that you wish to use into the Final Cut Pro Browser Window then drag and drop it onto the specified gradient area in the Transition Editor.


 Take note that for this example I have use some Abstract Photoshop Art for a completely generic effect. 6. Play your sequence in the Timeline Window to review your Gradient Wipe.


 Keep in mind that much like anything you do in Final Cut Pro you have the ability to tweak the look of this effect to your liking and you will find that some images will work better than others for this particular effect. Most importantly, I hope you have found a cool new way to shake up your next project.

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