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Wind Blur effect for Final Cut Pro

There are many free Final Cut Pro filters and transition effects that you can download.  In Final Cut Pro, you can create a cool effect by using a 'wind blur' effect in conjunction with a 'whoosh' sound effect.

To do this exercise, you'll need to intstall a free set of plugins called 'Too Much Too Soon'  You can visit the site directly to download the plugins.  Please send him a small donation if you find the plug-in useful.

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You can use the power of Final Cut Studio to create dynamic effects that incorporate sound effects.

One cool effect is a wind blur effect.

I'm going to demonstrate how to install a set of plugins from a website called 'Too Much Too Soon'.

You install these same plugins by visiting the site.

Activate the finder window by clicking on the finder icon in the dock.

Navigate to the Library, Application Support, Final Cut Pro System Support, and Plugins folder.  Drag the entire collection of TMTS plugins into the folder.

Then re-launch Final Cut Pro.

To demonstrate the wind blur effect, I'll quickly edit two clips to a new sequence.

Next, navigate to the effects tab in the Browser window, and open the Video Transitions category.  Look for the Too Much Too Soon Category.

Drag the wind blur transition between your two clips. 

Go ahead and play the sequence.

To make this effect better, let's add a quick sound effect.

Navigate back to the finder window.

Then use the keyboard shortcut command + F to change the finder window into a search window.

Change the search parameters to find only music.

Search for the keyword 'whoosh'.

You should find close to 100 different whoosh effects.

You can sample these clips by highlighting a clip and pressing the spacebar.

After you find a sound effect that you like, you can drag it straight from the finder window into the timeline.

Okay, there you go.

Now watch the sequence.

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