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Media Composer Bars and Tone

If you are producing content for broadcast television.  The television or network is probably going to ask you to insert bars and tone at the beginning of your Avid sequence.

Okay, fine.  Where do you find the bars and tone media?


MAC Users:
Mac HD/Applications/Media Composer/SupportingFiles/Test_Patterns/SMPTE_Bars.pct

PC Users
C:\Program Files\Avid\Avid Media Composer\SupportingFiles\Test_Patterns\SMPTE_bars.pct

**Make sure you import the correct bars-tone.  You'll also see categories for HD and PAL formats if you are not working with SD footage.  Then simply import the color bars into an Avid bin.

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Next, it's critical that you adjust your import settings so that you import the Bars at the correct color level.  Otherwise the television station will correct your show to the wrong color space.

Click on the 601 SD or 709 HD Video Mapping Button.


Okay, now you have to create some tone media.  You can do this from the Audio Tool, which is located under the tools menu at the top of the Media Composer interface. 

Click on the 'peak hold' button at the top right corner of the Audio tool.


Select 'Create tone media' from the pull down menu.

This will bring up a dialog box where you can specify where to send the tone media.


Okay, that's it!  You now have the two pieces so you can edit your bars/tone media to your Avid sequence.

I recommend that you export a self-contained QuickTime movie to your desktop so you can easily access your bars and tone media after you've assembled the pieces it for the first time. Or another route, would be to export a bin labeled 'bars-tone' header that you would use over-and-over again for each new project. 


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