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Avid Media Composer Shortcuts

With the recent addition of Media Composer 5.0, I've realized there have been some nice shortcuts implemented into the Avid software.

As a user of Media Composer software for almost 20 years, I've grown accustomed to the standard Media Composer shortcuts.  Keep in mind, most of my editing experience comes from editing on a Macintosh.

Previous versions of Media Composer had limited right click functionality on a MAC.  This is because the older Macintosh systems only had a one button mouse.  After right click functionality was introduced into the Media Composer software, it required a strange keyboard combination or (CTRL + SHIFT + mouse click)  to bring forward the shortcut menu.

New to me, are the (right click) shortcuts for individual tracks within Avid Media Composer.  In particular, the ability to perform a 'match frame edit' from a specific track.


In the past, you had to de-select all the tracks, then turn on a single track in order to perform a match frame edit.  Now, you can right click on a specific track.  Other 'right click' functions include 'Locking / Unlocking' a track.  Also, the ability to delete a specific track without having to 'de-select all the other tracks'.

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When creating a new sequence, you can simply right click within any open bin window.

Media Composer 5.0 also includes the ability to link directly to QuickTime files without having to import the media.  This is done through Avid's new AMA feature.  AMA stands for Avid Media Access.  You can now simply right click in any open Bin window and choose 'Link to AMA Files'.


There are also 'contextual menus' for the Composer Window.  In particular, I like the ability to switch between 16:9 and 4:3 windows.  I also like the added ability to access the Composer settings directly within the Composer window without having to navigate to the project window.


And of course, there are the traditional shortcuts when working within an Avid Bin window.  If you are a MAC user 'think Command key' when the CTRL key is specified on a PC.

Knowing the keyboard shortcuts for any given program will greatly increase your workflow speed. Some overlooked shortcuts are the bin shortcuts in the Avid application. Of course you won't use them all but knowing just a few key shortcuts will help your speed up your day. The bin shortcuts are very important shortcuts to know and utilize. Here is the list of general bin shortcuts:

Ctrl + N Creates new bin
Ctrl + A Selects all items in a bin or project
Ctrl + W Closes the open window or dialog box
Ctrl + P Prints active bin
Ctrl + D Duplicates selected clip, sequence, or title

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