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Using AddMovie to Connect Movie Files

addmovie_icon.pngAddMovie is a free utility used for connecting several files into one single movie.  You can also use AddMovie to batch convert a collection of movies to another format.  It supports various input file formats, including QuickTime movies.  And you can extract movie frames, split movies at certain points, set the movie's poster frame, and extract sound track into an AIFF file.

There are several preferences available such as, choosing export format, making a "self contained" or reference movie, chapterizing, and automatic software update checks.  To edit preference settings for AddMovie, simply select Preferences from the AddMovie menu, or click the Options button.

addmovie_preferences.pngIt's really pretty easy to use AddMovie; just follow the steps:
  • Add Files:  drag files or folders from the Finder into the File List window's list box, or use the Browse button to navigate the file system for your selections.
  • AddMovie reads all the files that are supported by the QuickTime components installed on your system.
  • Reorder:  once you have added your files to the file list, you can re-arrange them to determine the position they will appear in the movie.  You re-arrange files in the list by dragging them to their desired location.  Files are added to the movie from top to bottom in the file list.
  • Add chapter titles:  If you are connecting the movies, and your output format is selected as QuickTime .mov files, then you have the option of chapterizing the movie.  Click the Options button to open the Preferences window.  Click on the Chapterize button, and AddMovie will let you choose default chapter titles, or you can edit the chapter titles that appear in the File list window.  To edit a chapter title, double-click on a title to edit.
  • Concatenate the files:  click the AddMovies button, and a dialog box will display asking for a name and location for the movie.  The appropriate extension for the file will be attached for you.
  • Export the files:  you can click the Export Movies button and each movie will be exported to the format you select in the Preferences window.
  • You can download the free utility from AddMovie's developer, Limit Point Software, website.

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