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Native QuickTime files with Media Composer

In the long awaited release of Media Composer 5.0, you can now link directly to QuickTime files using Avid's AMA feature.

This is great news for users who use a workflow that combines software products from Final Cut Studio.  Avid Media Composer 5.0 also includes support for QuickTime files using the Pro Res Codec.

The process can't be much easier.  Just navigate to the file menu and choose 'Link to AMA volume'.


Wham! by choosing a folder, the native QuickTime clips automatically show up in an Avid Media Composer bin. No transcoding is required! 


This process is very similar to the workflow within Final Cut Pro.  The Avid is referencing the files from their original location.  Clips that are referenced directly outside of Avid's MXF folder structure will appear in bright yellow.

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*Keep in mind, that if you choose to reference native QuickTime movies outside of the Avid's MXF file structure, these clips will not show up in Avid's Media Tool.  At this point, you'll need to carefully manage the media on your own.

To solve this issue, you can choose to transcode the files to an .mxf wrapper by using the transcode feature.  To transcode a media file(s), navigate to the clip menu and choose: 'Consolidate / Transcode'


If you choose to transcode any mediafiles, the conversion process will immediately begin.


Transcoded clips will appear on the traditional grey background, and the yellow background will disappear from the clip(s).  These clips will now show up within the standard media tool.


This latest version of Avid Media Composer now offers an excellent way to share resources for those individuals who are also running Final Cut Pro.

GeniusDV is now teaching certified Avid Media Composer training courses utilizing Avid Media Composer 5.0 for our 5 day training class.


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