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Creating Slideshows to Music in DVD Studio Pro

When you need a Slideshow in your DVD, and don’t have the time or budget to produce a photo montage video in Final Cut Pro, a DVD Studio Pro Studio Pro Slideshow is a great solution. Creating a slideshow in DVD Studio is very easy to do.

If you have all the pictures in a folder, you can just drop the folder on a menu button in DVD Studio Pro, and the Slideshow will be created and linked from the button to the Slideshow, and back to the menu. This may be all you need to do if you just want a Slideshow without music, that plays each slide at the DVD Studio Pro default of 5 seconds per slide. Chances are you will be willing to spend the extra 20 seconds it takes to set your slideshow to music. If you have a desired length that you would like each slide to be on screen, just select all the slides, and enter the desired duration window. To add audio to your Slideshow, you need only drop an audio file on the audio well in the Slideshow editor. If the desired duration of the slides multiplied by the number of slides is longer than the duration of the audio, you can set the Slideshow to loop the audio in the Slideshow Settings. In the Slideshow Settings you can also set the Slideshow to Fit to Audio. This will automatically figure out how long to play each slide to make the Slideshow play every slide evenly, and last the duration of the audio. If you add multiple audio files to a Slideshow it will calculate the slide duration based on the total duration of all the audio added to the audio well. 

To change the order of the Slideshow, you can drag the individual slide or slides to the desired position. To have a default transition, you can set it at the top of the Slideshow editor. If you want individual slides to have their own transition, you can right click on any slide, and set a transition for that particular slide. 

You will want to keep in mind that Slideshows are limited to 99 slides per, so if you want more than 99 you will need to have one slideshow End Jump to another. Another consideration is that although you can mix most of the still image formats (jpeg, png, tiff, targa, etc), you must keep all audio in a Slideshow the same format.

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