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Google SketchUp using Collections with 3D Warehouse

Google SketchUp is a great 3D design tool and one of the many things that makes it a great design tool is the Google 3D Warehouse.  What makes the Google 3D warehouse great is the ability to organize the abundant supply of completely free user created 3D models.   Anything and everything is on the Google 3D Warehouse.  Collections allow you to sort through anything and everything much easier and faster.  

3D warehouse.gif

Just about everything and anything imaginable is on the Google 3D warehouse, of all levels of quality and detail.  Using Collections with your Google 3D Warehouse account, you can now easily sort and identify models that fit your needs without having to sort through billions of 3D models every time you would like an exterior door or a 1964 convertible mustang.  Store and sort your favorite models by creating collections inside your Google 3D warehouse account.

First, you will open your 3D Warehouse account or if you don't have one, go to the 3D Warehouse and create one simply by clicking in the top right hand corner of the window on the Sign in button.

sign in.gif

You will then be taken to this screen.  Either sign in to your Google 3D warehouse account or at the bottom of the screen select Create an account now and follow the directions.

create an account now.gif
Once you have accessed your account, you can better organize your models by using Collections.  At the top of the screen you will notice My Warehouse; this is where the models you have uploaded and your collections are located.  For this example we are only explaining Collections:  Click on My Collections and the next screen will have all of your 3D collections that you have created to easily sort through previously selected models.

To create a Collection, in the top left of the window click on Create.

create Collection.gif

On the next screen, just follow the simple directions.  Name your collection and give it a description; there are lots of other options that you can review later but the two main ones are to name your collection and give it a description.  Once you have done this you can now start organizing your models. 

Search the 3D warehouse and when you find a model you like, instead of just clicking on download Model as you would normally do, click on Add this model to a collection and you will be prompted, Which collection, then select the one you want, and click Add

select collection.gif
SketchUp is a great design tool for virtually everything and anything and using the 3D Warehouse and Collections to organize your models is a fast and efficient way to share, sort, work on, and organize your models, not to mention it can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection.

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