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If you are a Macintosh user running Final Cut Pro or Avid Media Composer, there are a couple of rules in terms of drive format compatibility between Mac OS X and Windows.


For the most part, when you purchase a new disk drive, it comes pre-formatted.  Typically, it's formatted as one large partition in a format called 'Fat 32'.  A Fat 32 partition is compatible with both Mac OS X and Windows.  Both operating systems can read/write to it.

If you choose to re-format your drive as Windows NTFS, Mac OS X can read the partition but it cannot write to it.  Therefore, I recommend that you leave your hard-drive formatted as one large FAT 32 partition if you plan on moving files back and forth between a MAC and PC.

The problem is, Windows will only you a maximum partition size of 32 Gigs for a FAT 32 Partition.  This gets to be ridiculous if you have a 1 TB drive.  You would end up with 30 partitions!

So, here's a trick to format you're drive as one large FAT 32 partition.......

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Step 1: Navigate to the windows control panel, by going to the start menu.


Step 2:
Double click on the administrative tools.


Step 3: Double click on the Computer Management icon.


Step 4:
Within the computer management dialogue box double click on storage.


Step 5:

Within the disk management tool.  You should now see your drive.  Change the drive to a new letter.  Make it something unique and obvious.  For example, 'X', so you don't confuse it with any existing drives.


Step 6:

Okay, so remember, Windows only allows 32 Gig partitions when formatting a drive as Fat 32.  To solve this, navigate to the start menu and select 'run'.


Type 'cmd' into the dialogue box.  The will bring forward the command line interface for DOS.  Within the DOS prompt, type:  format /fs:fat32 x:   This means you'll be formatting the x: drive as one large partition.

*Make sure you are formatting the correct drive.  You cannot undo this process.


That's it!  You now have one large FAT 32 partition that can be read by both PC's and MAC's.


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