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Using Boris 3D in Final Cut Pro

Here's a quick video tutorial on creating 3D titles with Final Cut Pro.

Boris Title 3D in Final Cut Pro is a text generator you can use quickly to design basic titles without having to go to a third-party application.  The term Title 3D can be a bit misleading however; the Title 3D tool doesn't actually render anything in true 3D space.  It simulates titles that look 3D by adding a drop shadow.  Title 3D adds a bit of creativity that fools the eye into thinking the characters are truly 3D.

Here is a step by step to show you how to achieve this animated text highlight effect in Boris Title 3D:

Start by clicking on the generators menu located at the bottom right side of the Viewer window, and choose Boris > Title 3D. 

Next, click on the Controls Tab to see all the parameters for the Title 3D generator. 

Then click on the Title 3D graphic located next to Text Entry and Style to open up another window called the Boris Title 3D interface. 

  • boris3D.gifNext, type your text into the gray text input box.  You might want to experiment with different font styles.  One of the great things about Boris is how quickly you can experiment with different looks in your text with only a few clicks.  Click on the Style Palette button at the bottom of the window to bring up the Style Palette; from the category drop down menu choose Metallic.  Double-clicking on any of the thumbnails will apply that style to your text.  You can also experiment with different gradients.  Click on the Gradients Tab and then double-click on any of the gradient thumbnails to apply them to your text.  When you get the look you want to achieve, close the styles palette, and click Apply when you're done.
  • style_palette.gifNow press F10 to apply the title to your sequence.  Click on the Video Tab in the Viewer.  Again from the Generators menu, choose Render > Highlight.  Add this highlight to the V2 track by pressing F12, which will superimpose the highlight on your title.  Double-click on the highlight on the V2 track to load it into the Viewer.  Click on the Controls Tab.  Set the Highlight Angle to 90, the width to .25, and the softness to 2.
  • render_highlight.gifNext, you will right-click on the Highlight clip in your Timeline, and choose Composite Mode > Travel Matte-Alpha.  Make sure your playhead is at the beginning of the sequence; In the Viewer Controls Tab, click once on the Center button; move your mouse cursor into the Canvas, and you'll see that your cursor looks like a tiny crosshair.  Click and drag upward, and the crosshair turns red; keep dragging upward until the highlight is above the text and no part of the text is visible.  Set a keyframe for the highlight parameter by clicking the insert keyframe button.  Now move your playhead to the last frame of your title, click again on the Center button, and again in the Canvas drag downward, placing the highlight below the text; now a second keyframe has been created.  You can preview how the highlight effect looks by pressing your space bar; but we're not done yet!
  • composite_mode.gifThe last step is to copy the text layer on the V1 track and place it into the V3 track.  Right-click on the text clip on the V3 track and choose Composite Mode > Screen.  Playback to view the effect.  Pretty cool, huh?
composite_mode_screen.gifAgain, the Boris Title 3D text generator is very basic, and should only be used as such.  For much better looking titles, try this LiveType tutorial to create a streaming glow effect.  You can also check out this tutorial using a Fog Writer effect in Motion.  Or, why not just take a class from GeniusDV?  We have a 4-day Final Cut Pro Intensive course that teaches you a contemporary workflow, and also how to integrate Motion, Soundtrack Pro, and Compressor.  Check out our schedule and give us a call today!

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