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Light Streak Effect for Apple Motion

Apple Motion is pretty amazing when it comes to creating customized effects.  Check out this simple light streak effect.  

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You can use Apple Motion's program to create dynamic paint effects.  In this example lets create a stream of light that passes underneath a lower third title.

Within Apple Motion, press command 4 and command 7 to bring forward the timeline and layer windows tabs.

Click on the text tool.

Then type a title in the bottom portion of the canvas window.

Click on the HUD or heads up display button.

Pick a font type and size for your title.

Use the arrow tool to reposition the title towards the bottom center of the canvas.

Within the inspector window, click on the text and style tabs.

Go ahead and choose one of Motion's preset styles for your title.

Within the motion toolbar, click on the paint tool.

Then click on the HUD button.

Make sure the write-on check box is activated.

Choose a prebuilt paint brush style supplied with Apple Motion.

Go ahead and draw a line across your title.  The speed at which you draw here is actually important.

Press play in the timeline window.

The light streak will appear over top of the title.  

You can increase or decrease the length of the light streak by adjusting this behavior track for the write-on effect.

Decreasing the length of the behavior track actually increases the length of the streak.

Next, let's change the layer order so the light streak appears underneath the title.

Play the timeline to watch the effect.

The last step is to save the motion project as a template, so it can be used directly within Final Cut Pro.

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