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iPad.gifThe day we've all been waiting for has finally arrived...Apple's iPad release.  Ok, so being one of the smarter ones to actually reserve my new iPad ahead of time, I waited in line for about an hour (half the time for someone who had not reserved); Then finally it was my turn.  I'm now the proud owner of an iPad.  Was it worth all the hype, you're wondering.  With only a few hours of "playtime" under my belt, I must say, it's way too early to tell.

So what do I love so far about the new iPad?  The look, the feel, yes, it's similar to having a blown up version of an iPod touch; but, right off the bat, just being able to see the whole screen without causing a major migrane, is a plus for me.  I love checking my emails, facebook, surfing the web, and seeing my calendar without having to squint.  The size is perfect...not as bulky as a laptop, easy to hold, so sleek and ergonomic.  The setup was super easy. You do have to have the latest version of iTunes 9.1, but otherwise, very user friendly.  I was amazed how quickly apps launch.  Makes my iPhone seem sleepy.  And speaking of apps, I'm also amazed at how many apps are already available for iPad thru the App Store, not to mention the number of free apps available.  I immediately downloaded The Weather Channel, iBooks, Netflix, Facebook, & Text+, just to name a few...all for free.  Of course I added a couple of my favorite games, and I'm still shopping for a few other apps to purchase.  Next, I'll be testing out the new iWork apps available for the iPad and will let you know how that goes.

more of my iPad review after the jump...

Ok, now for some of the pitfalls.  The keyboard will take some getting used to.  At first try, I found it to be a little awkward. Probably the biggest con for the iPad, in my opinion, however is the lack of Flash support.  I can't even go to Hulu to watch one of my favorite shows.  Kind of a major bummer.  But I have faith they will fix this problem down the road...a girl can dream can't she?

islate_icon.pngOk, on to business.  Another one of the first apps I downloaded today was iSlate.  iSlate is a portable digital clapper board that you can use for your various video projects.  Since I'll be working on a multicam shoot next week, I thought this would be a great way to tryout my new iPad in a production environment.  The Final Cut Pro Field Guide app and the iKeysToGo Final Cut Pro 7 app are also both compatible for the new iPad.  How cool is that?

Overall, iPad is definitely the perfect instrument for watching movies, reading books, magazines and newspapers, and just relaxing on the couch, but in the weeks to come, we'll see how much we can utilize it in the professional world. 

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