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dvdsp_icon.gifCreating a Multi-language DVD is a lot easier than you think.  If you have a video project where you need to offer the audio in many different languages, basically you can accomplish this by assigning menu buttons to point at each one of your audio tracks.  In the example below, I've already imported the aif files of the different language audio tracks into my DVD Studio Pro project.

dvdsp_assets.gifKeeping in mind that when bringing a video file into DVD Studio Pro, it will bring in the attached audio file with it, or an audio file that has the same name as the video file.  But to exaggerate the example I'm using, I've created a separate English audio file, however, in most cases, your English version will be produced with the video.  So, now, first of all, we will drag our video file up into the Graphical View.  Next drag the English audio file on top of the video in the Graphical View.  Your track should look like this, so far:

dvdsp_track.gifAfter the jump is more step by step...

So now to add the other language audio tracks, you will need to drag them onto the next audio track in the track editor, rather than dragging into the graphical view, since it would just put that on the same track as the English version.

dvdsp_languages.gifOnce you have your tracks created, you can create menu buttons, one for each language.  Then from the Outline View you will drag the video track onto each one of the language buttons, clicking on Set Asset for each.

dvdsp_menu_set_asset.gifNext, you will connect your audio streams to each of your language buttons.  Click on the first button in your menu, and you will see the Button Inspector on the far right lower corner.  Click on Audio Stream and set the first button to Audio Stream 1.  Then repeat the step for each of your buttons, setting each corresponding Audio Stream.

dvdsp_button_inspector.gifTa dah!  That's all there is to it!


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