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auto_select_icon.pngWhen applying a video effect or filter to a clip in Final Cut Pro, you don't always need to select a clip in the Timeline.  You can use the Auto Select button within the Timeline to tell Final Cut Pro which video layers will be affected when you apply a video effect from any of the Final Cut Pro menus.  This includes effects that are applied from using a shortcut key.  But you have to make sure you have the playhead indicator parked over the clips that you want affected.

Most of the actions that you take in Final Cut involve applying some kind of change to some specific target region or piece of media.  Final Cut tries to save you time: if you don't explicitly pick the target for your action by clicking to select it, Final Cut will try to guess what you want to change.  The Auto Selects help Final Cut guess better by giving it hints about what video or audio tracks you're interested in working with.

The default keyboard shortcut to manage the Auto Select is CMD + track number.  For example, CMD + 2 toggles the Auto Select for V2, and to toggle the Audio use OPT instead of CMD.  But remember, this only works when using the numeric keypad and not the numbers above the QWERTY portion of the keyboard.

toggle_auto_select.pngIt's important to note that you're toggling the correct Auto Select buttons on or off before adding a favorite effect that has been mapped to a shortcut key.  The default setting is for all the Auto Select icons to be turned on.

If you're only working with one video track, you can basically forget about Auto Select; however, if you're using functions such as Matchframe, Revealing Master Clip, or Mark clip, between several tracks, using the Auto Select buttons do become helpful.  The number one instance for using the Auto Select Function is when you copy and paste to different tracks.


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