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gfeller_profile.gifThis week's student profile features a past Avid Media Composer student who is retired and works part-time consulting for his previous employer. Ed Gfeller is from Winter Park, Florida and loves being retired since it has given him the extra time to work on personal documentaries he produces and edits for his family, and particularly for his grandchildren.

Ed started making videos over 2 years ago and was getting disgusted with the editing applications he was using.  He says, "they typically crashed, sometimes more than once a day.  I figured Avid wouldn't do that since it it what they use in the Film and TV industry.  So Avid was completely new to me.  By taking a training class with GeniusDV, I got a thorough understanding of editing in Avid, and since getting an iMac, I have not had any crashes.  The class proceeded slowly and methodically; we had 2 beginners and one advanced student in our particular class.  But there was enough new material every day to keep me interested.  I have since then taken some tutorials with my instructor, and they have really been helpful in getting me into the more advanced effects and Marquee."

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When asked what he thought about our instructors, Ed replied, "John Lynn, my instructor, was very effective.  He is very knowledgeable and is always ready to figure out issues that arise, and doesn't give up until there is a solution.  Several tutorials on the GeniusDV website are developed out of questions raised by students."  Ed says, "the training facility is perfectly suited for the purpose of teaching small classes with close supervision of all students.  Overall, the value of services compared with the price paid, is worth it with the extra benefit of the continued support after the class.  I still send John emails or call him when I get stuck - and I seem to be good at finding places to get stuck in!  Having a mentor is invaluable."

I asked Ed, What was the biggest new thing you learned in class?  "The benefits of NLE (non-linear editing), using a plan or a script, and editing at the frame level rather than the clip level.  I have learned to develop scripts for my videos, even when shooting while on a trip.  It is helpful to anticipate the kind of clips I may want prior to going there.  My videos have become better organized, and they have a more uniform feel to them.  It has been noted by my audience (mostly my extended family) and they have now nicknamed me "Cecil."  I just got a Canon XH A1s which gives me much more direct control of the image.  I edit Photoshop on a HP PC, and Avid and ProTools on an iMac.  I also have a Command 8 control surface that comes in handy with sound editing both in Avid and in ProTools.  I post my videos on the Photoshop website and send out access to the various family members.  Recently, I started a project to shoot clips for the company website where I work as a consultant, and I have some other projects cooking!"

gfeller_in_action.gifSome shots of Ed in action!


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