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noise_industries_icon.pngThis weeks featured plug-in comes from one of my favorite plug-ins providers, Noise Industries' FXFactory.  You all know how much I love transitions for Final Cut Pro, and I was so tickled to find this one.

It's basically a particle generator that can make for some amazing effects and motion graphic elements.  If you're like me, and not quite the Motion graphics wizard yet, creating particle systems can be difficult.  But Particle Metrix takes all the guesswork out of creating those particle motion effects.  Keep reading to learn more about the Particle Metrix plug-ins...

Once you've downloaded the FXFactory from Noise Industries' website, you can apply the transitions, filters, or generators from the Effects tab in your Browser.

effects_tab_particlemetrix.pngOnce an effect has been applied, you can configure its parameters within the Viewer window.  The default duration for the transition is 1 second, however, you can see here that I've changed it to 3 seconds, just to show you how the effect works.

particle_metrix_parameters.pngParticle Metrix can be used for any video images and even text.  I loved using it as a transition from one clip to the next as a wipe; but that's only at it's most basic.  Particles are generated from built-in shapes, custom shapes or from pixels from within the image itself that break apart to form the graphical element in the wipe.  You have many different types of particles and parameters to choose from and tweak.  Here you can see some of the built-in presets for Text & Video, and some of the built in particles or shapes you can use, such as, Snowflake, Bubble, Smoke Particles, & Stars just to name a few.

particle_metrix_built_ins.pngHere's some cool examples of what you can do with text:

particle_metrix_text.pngKeep in mind that particles can take a lot of processing power to render, and the more complex your particles, the longer your final render will take, not to mention it may bring your graphics card to it's knees!

Ready to dive in and learn how to create your own exploding particle effects?  GeniusDV can teach you just that and more with our 2-day Apple Motion class.  Check out our schedule and call us today to reserve your spot!


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