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fcp_icon.pngWith the Standard Window Setup or Arrangement in Final Cut Pro, it can sometimes be confusing and not so intuitive to new users.  So, here's an alternative window arrangement that may help beginners understand the relationship between windows.

Here's what the Standard window arrangement looks like...after the jump you can see another alternative...

Or, you can go to the Window Menu at the top of the screen and go to Arrange > Two Up (or Compositing Arrangement in Final Cut Express)

two_up_arrangement.gifAnd now what that does is it sets up a vertical relationship between windows.

2up_display.gifSo now you have your Browser under the Viewer window, and when you double-click on a clip in the Browser, you can watch it in the Viewer directly above it.  So when you're working on a clip in the Viewer, setting In & Out Points and then moving them into the Timeline, whatever is in the Timeline is what you're seeing in the Canvas.  If you want to work on this clip, you're not going to work on it in the Canvas, you're going to work on it in the Viewer.

sprockets.gifNow when you're on the Video Tab in the Viewer, you can tell that you're dealing with the clip in the Sequence because it has these little dots on it (or sprockets); without the dots, that means you're looking at something that's coming from the Browser. 

This might be easier for beginners to understand what the relationship is; where the Viewer is showing you basically your files that you're about to bring into the Timeline; your Timeline is showing you your actual program and you're seeing it in the Canvas.  You can also save your own custom arrangement if you prefer.  On a final note, the two-up display is also great when working with 16x9 media because it fits the interface better than in the Standard set up.

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