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dropbox_icon.gifWhat is Dropbox you're asking; Dropbox is basically an online storage solution for any of your digital files.  Dropbox is a lot like iDisk, where you can store files and be allowed access to them from almost anywhere.  It's mainly designed for people who are constantly emailing themselves files or carrying around tiny flash drives.  But unlike some other storage solutions out there, Dropbox gives you 2GB for free and uploads so much faster.  Here's a perfect example as to how Dropbox, or iDisk, or other online storage solutions can help us in the video editing world:  we have 2 editors working on a project; however, one lives in Florida, the other in California.  The 2 editors can easily share files, sending back and forth their changes through the Dropbox or iDisk and still be able to work on a project hundreds of miles away.  The faster transfer rate with Dropbox allows them to do this with ease.  More about the features of Dropbox after the jump...

The best thing about Dropbox is it allows you to share whatever you want with other people.  Every individual folder can be shared with other people and you can designate members of a shared folder to be able to add, edit, and delete the contents, which is perfect for collaborating on a video editing project.  And the other great thing about Dropbox is it's File Sync feature.  Dropbox keeps track of every single change made to the contents of your storage and any changes are instantly updated.  It also remembers the changes in case you need to restore previous versions of the file.  The syncing is more efficient in that it only syncs the pieces of a file that has changed, and not the whole file, which saves you a lot of time.  Better yet, you can work on your files even if you're offline.  Your changes sync once your computer has an internet connection again.  Perfect for working on an airplane!

There are other pricing options available for larger storage space if you need it after the free 2 GB offered. 

dropbox_pricing.gifGetting started with Dropbox is so easy.  Just go to the Dropbox website, download the application, and follow the simple step by step.  Then you will set up your account.

dropbox_setup.gif Once you have Dropbox set up, there is an icon on the top right side of your menu bar to quickly open your Dropbox folder, access the Dropbox website, and change your Dropbox preferences. 
dropbox_icon_menu_bar.gif Dropbox works on any Mac, Windows, or Linux computer, and backs up your files online without you having to think about it.  It's safe, secure, and viewable only by people you invite or designate as members of files.  There's even a free Dropbox iPhone app!


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