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Final Cut Pro students are always seeking shortcuts in order to make their editing workflow more efficient.  But sometimes they don't realize those shortcuts are usually right in front of them.  To find a shortcut for any button or function in the interface, simply move your pointer over that area.  A Tooltip appears with the tool name and keyboard shortcut when you leave your cursor untouched while parked on a particular tool. 

snapping.gifThe key is to force yourself to look at that tooltip and tell yourself, "ok, next time I need to turn off Snapping, I will use the N key", and really force yourself to use it; rather than giving yourself carpal tunnel and taking the extra time to move over to the tool palette to toggle on or off snapping.

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You can turn Tooltips off and on in the General Tab under Final Cut Pro User Preferences.

show_tooltips.gifkey_command_sample.gifIt's also a good habit to look at the shortcuts provided within the pull down menus from the menu bar at the top of the interface.  For example, under the File Menu, you can see the shortcut or keyboard command for the different options along the right handside of the list.  Here you see that the shortcut for Log & Transfer is Shift+Cmd+8; rather than clicking on the option, click off of the File Menu, and force yourself to use the key command; force yourself to use the commands and soon you will have them memorized and be working more efficiently!

Another great way to learn keyboard shortcuts is by using an Editors Keyboard, such as this one.

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