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profile_marquis.gifThis week's student profile features a past Avid Media Composer student, who was recently excited to tell us about one of his latest success stories.  Meet Marquis Wilson.  Marquis is from Alvarado, Texas, and completed his training with GeniusDV back in 2008.  Marquis has a passion for video production in terms of helping individuals and companies market their products and services.  He wanted to share one of the greatest tools he learned from taking certified training at GeniusDV.

As a producer of live stage and sporting events, the need for more than one shooting angle is imperative.  Much time is consumed to digitize and file scenes, and then trying to surf through various clips for the right cuts.  Marquis says, "I am excited to say however, that using precious mega hours looking at camera angles on multiple video tracks is a thing of the past.  John Lynn at GeniusDV, introduced me to the MultiCamera Mode feature in AVID Media Composer.  I couldn't believe how easy it was.  I recently filmed and edited a ballet stage play using four cameras, (quad split).  No doubt in my mind, I was 75% quicker on the timeline simply because I could choose the best position from the source window where all of the shots from every angle were represented simultaneously."

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"I used the arrow keys and mouse to select the shots that I wanted.  The MultiCamera set up was ultra easy to set up.  Simply synchronize, group and load the clips.  Then activate multicamera mode and you are in business.  I mapped the split button to a tool bar for speed."


Another great feature is the ability to choose the best audio channel from each camera, located in the Audio Follow Video option above the source window.  A 9 camera split is also available.  Having quick access to the premium shots by using multicamera mode was invaluable!

Marquis shares this success story of landing a recent client:  "I was approached about creating a video for the Dance Academy of Mansfield's annual recital.  I had an in-depth interview with the owner and choreographer.  She and her customers were somewhat displeased with the product that professional videographers over the last decade had provided her with.  From the Academy video archives, I reviewed some of their past work, and discovered that her complaints were legitimate.  I was surprised to hear that the video companies were not interested in changing their procedures or even in listening to some of the directors simple requests.  From experience, I knew that using stage left and right camera positions give an up close and personal effect; a locked down camera position located at center stage in the seating sections removed the possibility of a character being left out of the shot; plus a fourth camera used for zooming in and following main characters thru the scenes allows the editor to insert choice cuts of the film.  I also knew that the cost of the extra cameras and crew would be huge, yet an even larger amount of time and expense would be required to sort through multiple angles looking for the "best shot".  I was facing a difficult and expensive hurdle to overcome if I was going to deliver a quality product, competitively priced."

"Because of my GeniusDV training with John Lynn, I made a decision solely depending on the multicam feature to make up the difference in time that I needed to complete the project with an acceptable profit margin.  I proposed a four camera capture; I committed to capture the recital like a screen play and not a rock concert; and I stationed cameras at angles to insure that anyone on stage at any given time would never be outside of the camera lens.  I believed that this powerful multicam tool would give us the edge on competition and make us stand out as an exceptional video company.  It did!  Even more than I ever imagined!  The dance academy's rave reviews and testimony about our product has opened many doors to us in a niche industry.  Another amazing thing happened; some of the academy customers actually contacted me, "the editor", to tell me how wonderful and beautiful and touching my presentation was to them.  Wow, I was blown away!"

"Since then, I have already secured the contract for the 2010 recital of Dance Academy Mansfield, along with being considered for other local dance companies' productions.  Other live events have taken notice as well, as we recently landed a pre-semi-pro hockey organization contract.  I am anticipating great success in the future.  The Media Composer multicam feature is as much a part of our editing and filmmaking as a mouse is to a computer."

Marquis owns his own video production company, Beyond 8 Videography, where his website is currently under construction, but you can check out his myspace page, beyond8.  Here's a shot of Marquis in action on the Legacy set:


Check out our upcoming class schedule so you can be one of our Success Stories too! 


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