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Today we'll discuss part 3 of the Multiclip Editing Series by showing you some keyboard shortcuts and remapping your numerical keypad for another way to switch and cut your multiclips.

To make your multiclip editing more efficient you can assign commands and customize your keyboard shortcuts in the Keyboard Layout Tool, and you can find a list of keyboard buttons to use specifically for multiclips.  Go to the Tools pull-down menu to Button List and type in Multiclip into the search field next to the magnifying glass; now you will see a list of available buttons you can use as shortcuts when editing multiclips. 

Just pick a button you would commonly use, such as, show multiclip overlays, and drag the button into the button bar in the Viewer window (top right corner).  Now those shortcuts are right there for you to use without having to go looking for them, or remembering key commands.  You can also add buttons to the button bars in the Canvas or the Timeline as well. 


You can also load a pre-built button bar in Final Cut Pro that is specifically for multiclip editing if you want all of those buttons available to you in one step.  Just go to Tools > Button Bars > Multiclip.


Some of the Button Bars that appear look like this:


You can also set keyboard shortcuts for the multiclip commands in Final Cut Pro.  By default, most of the commands use the numeric keypad to switch and cut between multiclips.  Final Cut Pro also provides a pre-built keyboard layout for multicamera editing, which is usually sufficient for most editors.  To load the built-in keyboard layout for multiclip editing, go to Tools > Keyboard Layout > Multicamera Editing.  Or to make certain options available without loading the entire multiclip version, you can go to Tools > Keyboard Layout > Customize and then where you see the Multiclip disclosure triangle, you can map the commands which you want to use.  For example, if you want to use your numeric keypad to Switch Video Angles 1-9 and correspond with the numbers on your keypad, just drag the commands from the list onto each corresponding number key, and presto, they're mapped.



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