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expose_icon.gifA few weeks ago, I wrote an article about disabling Expose' for the purposes of Final Cut Pro.  However, if you're currently not using Final Cut Pro, Expose' can have a lot of benefits to you just within your Mac OS X.  Let's take a quick look at what Expose' can do for you!

If you're like me when working on your Mac, you have several files and different applications open on your desktop at one time.  With Expose' you can cut through the clutter and find things on your desktop quickly.  By hitting the F3 key on your keyboard it activates Expose', and displays all of the open windows on your Mac so that you can quickly find the one you're looking for.


A couple of other quick key commands are Cmd + 1 arranges the windows alphabetically, and Cmd + 2 sorts them by application name.  You can also use Expose' from the Dock to see the window of a specific application; so to see all of the open Safari windows, just click and hold on the Safari icon. 


To see the open pages windows, click and hold on its icon.  Expose' displays the windows on a grid on the desktop.  You can view a full size preview of any window in the grid.  Just hover over the thumbnail with the cursor and tap the space bar.  Customizing Expose' is easy by opening System Preferences and selecting Expose' & Spaces.  You can assign keystrokes or mouse clicks to display all windows as thumbnails, to view all windows in the application you're currently using, and to show the desktop.  It can also set up active screen corners to trigger expose functions just by moving the cursor to the corners of your screen.


By taking advantage of all the great features of Expose' in the new OS X version of Snow Leopard, you're able to stay more organized on your Mac.  Now if only they could do that for my house!


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